H Frame Studio Easel- Horizontal to Vertical.

A big sturdy easel that allows you to move your canvas from a small forward tilt through any angle back to horizontal. This easel is built to last and be user friendly with fully adjustable top and bottom mounts featuring two large locking knobs per mount, high sides for good support, and plenty of room for your feet at the front. It is stable and strong.

Easels Galore Index, Fully folding Horizontal to vertical easel, Multipurpose Horizontal to Vertical easel. Standard H Frames

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Graham Sanders standing proudly with his HHV2100 easel

The two HHV2100 easels are for John Olsen. they are nearly 2.4 metres tall. HV1800 easel in centre.


Model HHV 1800 - $1050 - takes canvases up to 1.7 metres tall, depending on the mount, frame 560mm wide. includes Wedge Mounts,-

Student version $950

Model HHV2100 - $1200 - takes canvases up to 2.0 metres tall, depending on the mount, frame 760mm wide. includes Wedge mounts -.

Student version $1100

This easel can be fitted with a Standard tray and palette holders, however they can only be used in the vertical mode. Trays $155 for HHV1800 or $180 for HHV2100, Palette holders $50 each.

Tilting trays can also be fitted $180 for HHV1800 $205 for HHV2100 - You cannot fit a palette holder to a tilting tray. Tilting trays adjust to the angle of the easel, down to horizontal.

Heavy duty metal ball bearing castors $80 extra. Please note that Nylon castors are standard

These easels can also be made in Premium Red Hardwood, Please add 40% to the price.

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Delivery - All partially assembled, price per easel.

Melbourne Metro -$45, - Victorian country $80- Limited delivery options available for fully assembled easels. Please Ask

Sydney $70 - NSW Country up to $175 depending on Post code.

Adelaide $70 - S. A. country up to $185 depending on Post code

ACT - $80

Brisbane/Gold Coast $80 - Queensland country up to $220 depending on Post Code.

Perth $100 - W.A. country up to $190 depending on post code.

Tasmania $100

Please add $30 for a tray Melbourne/Sydney/Adelaide other destinations please ask.

Easels Galore Index, Fully folding Horizontal to vertical easel, Multipurpose Horizontal to Vertical easel. Standard H Frames


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You can order easels from the internet. Freight is not so expensive and they are securely wrapped in bubble wrap. Credit card orders taken over the phone. Email your telephone number (just click to email) and I will ring you. You can also pay by direct debit, cheque and money order. I can refer you to many satisfied and happy customers who have ordered via the internet.

Jeff Lacey, Easel Maker and Owner of Easels Galore.