Optional "Wedge Mount" for H Frames and A Frames.

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On standard H Frames and basic H Frames plus A Frames the standard mount is flat and at right angles to the easel. When used with a top mount the canvas sits comfortable and is not casually knocked off the easel. To lock the canvas in place on the easel so it is firmly attached you can order the optinal wedge mount.

This means that the canvase is wedged onto the easel. The mount design is wedge shaped so that the front of the top and bottom mounts are closer together than the rear. The locking knobs are also located below the mount, not in front as on the standard mount.

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Note how the locking knobs on the bottom mount ar below the support shelf.

The Top mount and bottom mount angle towards eachother creating a wedge to lock the canvas to the easel. This top mount is made up for double thick canvases. The top and bottom mounts will meet eachother on all my H Frames (except the export HZ model)

Side view with a single thickness canvas on a HIH1800 easel.


Please note that wedge mounts are standard on the following easels. H Frames Counterweight and H Frames Centre Slide. Fully Folding, including all horizontal to vertical models, single post, semi folding easels, and desktop easels.

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