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A Frame Easels With Adjustable Tilt

A Frame Easels with Counterweight

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Aluminum folding easels in Black or Silver

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Desktop Book Easel

Freestanding Book Easel

Display Easel - double sided vertical.

Display Easel - single against wall

Desktop Easels

Display Easels

Display - white budget easel

Fully Folding Easels

Folding Donkey Easel

Folding Donkey Easel for Studios

Folding Horizontal to Vertical Easels

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Heavy Duty Display Easels


Horizontal to vertical Aluminum Folding Multipurpose Easel.

Horizontal to Vertical Studio Easels

H Frame Base Model

H Frame Easel

H Frame Easel with Centre Slide

H Frame Easel Counterweighted

H Frame Easel Horizontal to Vertical Tilt

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Easel: Art and Display Easels, Handcrafted in Australia, from Australian Hardwoods.



A comprehensive range of original designs for art and display applications. Buy direct from the maker. Easels handcrafted in Australia, to the highest standards in Beautiful Australian Hardwoods. Made to last. Guaranteed against faults and workmanship for the life of the easel. Making easels since 1997. See my owners statement

Easels Galore is not subject to GST and does not charge GST

To use this site, all blue writing and outlines on photos are hyperlinks. Just about all photographs, can be clicked to enlarge, to return from photos use the return button on your browser. Scroll down the pages, some of them are quite deep. On the home page the left margin is a list of main pages alphabetically. Below is by use then further down, photos each linked to a page with multiple versions of that easel.

Artists Easels for Studios

Big counterweighted H frames -------H frames with center slide - Standard H Frames - Base model H frames - Horizontal to vertical H Frames - A Frames with counterweight - A frames that tilt - A frames in various sizes - Single post tilting easel - Single post horizontal to vertical - Desktop easels Single sided easel that sits against walls.

Artists Easels - Portable and Folding

Desktop, Fully folding wooden - Fully folding aluminum - Folding Horizontal to vertical - Box easels - Semi folding single post easel - Folding donkey with horizontal to vertical mast - Folding donkey with fixed angle mast Folding Aluminum Easels. Folding Horizontal to vertical Multipurpose Aluminum Easel

Display Easels

A frame painted or oiled -White budget display Double sided vertical. - Double sided A Frame - Single sided sits vertical, hard against wall.- Wrought Iron or Steel - Small easels for shelves and tables. -Folding Aluminum Easels in Black and Silver ----- Single post semi folding Aluminum Easel

Heavy duty display easel for mirrors etc.

Television Easel

You should also scan through the artists easels as they are also available in a variety of attractive woods and finishes

Book Stands

Freestanding with tilting top - Desktop with tilt adjustment and solid top - Desktop in 4 different sizes.


All Book Stands finished with a non yellowing clear acrylic spray paint as of May 2018

Below is a range of photos, just click onto one and it will take you to the web page where you will find more photos, prices specifications etc.


A Frame Easels1800mm tall- A Frames with centre shaft 2100mm tall

Counterweighted A Frame


Double Sided

Tilt Adjustable A frame.

Vertical Art Easel that sits against walls


Small Easels From 90mm to 600+ mm tall

Double sided small easels.


Just about any easel I make can be used by a child and will grow with them and still be used by them as an adult!










Ruby -my kitten -her life - unless you are a cat lover please skip this! It is sad. Then read about Baby her sister who died of an even rarer disease.

H Frame Easels, for larger canvases

Television Easel.

H Frame Centre slide Easels


Budget Model H Frame.

Semi Folding Single Post

Freestanding book stand










Wrought Iron Display Easels

Desktop Easels: Tilt to any angle vertical to horizontal

Horizontal to Vertical Multipurpose Aluminum Folding Easels in stock

Horizontal to Vertical Folding Easels


Horizontal to Vertical Studio Easels

Desktop easels



Vertical display easel, double sides.




Display Easels


Folding easels in 4 different sizes. The most stable folding easel you will find.

Folding Donkey Easel with Horizontal to vertical mast

Folding Donkey Easel with fixed angle mast.


Desktop Book Stands

Tilting desktop book stand easel with solid top





Vertical display easel single sided sits against wall








Phone Jeff Lacey at Easels Galore: 0425734215 email:jeff@easelsgalore.com.au ABN 88 108 289 212

To place an order:

You can pay by credit card, which is best done over the phone for security reasons. If you nominate a time and tell me your phone number I will ring you for the details. Or you can ring me on 0425734215
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Account name: Easels Galore
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If you prefer I can send a PDF invoice prior to payment. Tax invoices are always supplied with the shipment.

GST is not included in prices and will not be charge as Easels Galore is GST exempt as of 13/8/21

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