If you have ever painted with a big tray, you will never want to go back to a side table!

Basically I make 2 styles of tray, The fixed angle tray and the tilting tray. The fixed angle of the tray cannot be adjusted and is determined by the easel angle. This tray is used where the tilt angle of the easel is easily predicted, as in A frames (10degrees rear tilt) H frames (generally upright, or very close to upright) and fully folding easels.

For easels with a huge tilt range such as the MP (multipurpose Studio) and the FFHV (fully folding horizontal to vertical) you would use a tilt tray so that when you tilt the easel you can keep the tray flat. You can also order tilt trays for the Tilting A Frame and the various H Frames, as both those designs have a reasonable tilt range.

Trays are supplied with a separate bottom mount or shelf.

Victorian Ash tray on a AMH2100

Tilt tray on a Red Hardwood ATK1800 easel

MDF tray with two palette holders folded under tray.

HCH2400 counterweighted H frame with tray and twin palette holders

A Frames with standard tray

Two piece tray with wedge mount on a HCH1800, also fitted with 2 palette holders.

Tray is on a HCH1600 counterweighted easel.


Same tray as left photo with mount raised from tray. Tray remains locked in place and mount can be adjusted independently up and down.

This is my portable easel (FFKHVM) and tilting tray with a half finished painting of one of our dogs. Note the wood the brushes are sitting on to help keep the tray cleaner.

Tilting tray on a FFHV, you can set the tray to any angle desired to suit the easel. I set these trays up so that the top of the tray will also hold a canvas to eliminate the bottom mount.

My studio easel, a ACH1600 with twin Palette Holders. I actually prefer the palette in front of me and use the P Holders for paint, note the brushes elevated off the tray and a cup hook to hold a rag. The portrait is half finished.

MDF trays will only be supplied oiled. They are soaked in an oil bath which allows the oil to fully penetrate the MDF and resulting in good water resistance.


The way I paint with a tray.

Instead of laying wet brushes on the tray I sit them on two horizontal pieces of wood which keeps the paint off most of the easel, I also screw a cup hook in the side or front to hang a rag. My palette is pretty heavy as it is a piece of white floor tile, and I like it in front of me. I use palette holders to line up the tubes of paint I use for the painting. Saves rummaging in the paint box. If painting off a photo I generally hold the photo in my left hand, sometimes I clip it to the mast of the easel above the canvas, it is nice to have room to sit it on the tray, that is when a double palette holder setup is very handy. Please note that a tray with 2 palette holders is starting to get heavy, and is best suited to the Counterweighted H frames or Counterweighted A Frames. or for easels where you do not plan to adjust the height of the tray regularly. All trays now come with a separate bottom mount.


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