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This is perhaps the most flexible easel I make. It does just about everything. The easel tilts from horizontal to past vertical, the centre shaft slides up and down, or when horizontal, backwards and forwards. It folds compactly for an easel of its size. When it is horizontal you can raise and lower the horizontal height. I actually use this easel myself. I have arthritis and the big adjustment range allows me to find a comfortable position. This is one easel you can use for just about everything. You can even peg it to the ground with Tent Pegs, if you have the free tent peg hole option

Also see:Horizontal to Vertical Multipurpose Aluminum Easel


FFHVL easel fitted with a tilting tray, you can adjust the tray so it is always horizontal no matter what angle the easel is at.

Note the tilting tray is still horizontal, even though the easel angle has changed.

Compare the easel when folded to in the upright position with the centre shaft extended.

Use this easel as a desk with the addition of a board.

This was my personal easel and how I paint, using a tilt tray, to take my palette, hold my brushes and wine. The painting I did in a 2 hour session with big brushes.

FFHVX Easel in Merbau with tilting tray.


This is a FFHVX easel I made to hold ceramic collages. with special wide mounts, wide top. You can order special easels.

If you plan to use your easel out doors, ask for tent peg holes to be drilled through the feet (no cost option), you can then peg the easel to the ground.

Fully Folding Horizontal to Vertical Easel Photos - Lots more photos including historical photos of how this model developed.


Model FFHVL $495- 65mm wide centre shaft, 85X19 centre post in Oiled Victorian Mountain Ash. Also available in Premium Red Hardwood FFHKV - $595

Model FFHVM $555 - 85-90mm wide centre shaft 85X32mm centre shaft; This is a heavier stronger more stable version. Oiled Victorian Mountain Ash - I use the Red Hardwood version, FFKHVM - $655

Model FFHVX $655 - 130mm wide centre shaft, 90x42mm centre post, heavier front legs and 42x32mm rear leg. This is a heavy duty studio version in Oiled Victorian Mountain Ash

Tilting trays in Victorian Ash $160. Also available Premium Red Hardwoods $200 . Tilting trays cannot be fitted with a palette holder. You can fit a standard tray with one or two palette holders to this easel, but you can only use the standard tray when vertical. The tray slides off the easel when not required. Standard trays cost less than tilting trays, please ask.

Stability of easels is based on design and the cross section of the wood used.

Sliding top 1.2 metres long, Total weight approximately 5 kilograms, (FFHHV) made from Victorian Mountain Ash, the other woods will weigh more. - My personal easel is a Karri FFKHVM with a tilting tray to match. Fully folds, triangulated legs give great stability. Tilts any angle with one adjusting knob. Top slides up ( height 1.8 metres)and down so it is a good height for painting standing or sitting. Slide back and tilt to make a drawing table when fitted with a board. Sit or stand to paint. For Flip Flop Painting there is one locking knob to adjust tilt. Two locking knobs adjust slide. Vary the height when horizontal. Folds compactly so it is easy to store and cheap to freight.

Delivery - . No assembly required.

Melbourne Metro -$30, - Victorian country $50

Sydney $45 - NSW Country up to $170 depending on Post code.

Adelaide $45 - S. A. country up to $190 depending on Post code

ACT - $60

Brisbane/Gold Coast/ parts of Sunshine Coast $60 - Queensland country up to $140 depending on Post Code.

Perth - $75 - W.A. country up to $140 depending on post code.

Tasmania - $75

Please ask Jeff for a quote for country areas 0425734215 Model FFHVX will cost a little more to deliver, please ask Jeff on 0425734215

Please add $15 for delivery of a tray, metro areas only, country may be more. When easels are sent to a private home please advise a secure place where the parcel can be left, if no one is home. There is full internet tracking on the parcel to tell you when it is going to be delivered.

Red Hardwoods and Spotted Gum costs more to deliver due to increased weight. Please ask for prices.

Fully Folding Horizontal to Vertical Easel Photos

Very Stable, extremely versatile, if there was ever an easel that will do everything, this is it.

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Horizontal to Vertical H Frame - Large to Very Large Horizontal to Vertical Desktop Easel

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