Merbau Easels.


Merbau is an imported Hardwood. It is a high quality wood being very hard with straight grain. It also has a high mass and easels made from it are significantly heavier than Victorian Ash. You would purchase a Merbau easel for two reasons, either you prefer the colour or you want an easel that will resist damaged and marks in a high usage situation such as hire or classrooms. I am now making easels out of Merbau as an alternative to Victorian Ash. Price is the same as Victorian Ash.



FFHVX with tilt tray

FFM400 with tray




Note the colour variations in the Merbau. The easels contains wood that pretty well covers the colour range of Merbau. The wood can also have a gold fleck through it. Being relatively dark the wood is difficult to photograph.

Merbau is imported and until June 2012 I have resisted stocking imported woods, however with Australian hardwoods, particularly Victorian Ash getting more expensive and reducing in quality, I saw no alternative but to source imported woods. Merbau is a very good wood to make easels out of, although it is heavy. Victorian Ash has a Janka hardness of 4.9 Merbau has a Janka Hardness of 9

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