Photos of A Frames Easels

Some photos of current designs, some historical some are specials. If you see anything you would like on this page just ask as I can always make it. I have made many versions of a frames with one piece sides, over the years, unfortunately I did not photograph them all, but this is an interesting selection. I will add more photos as I make interesting easels. You cannot click on these photos to enlarge them.

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Recycled Oregon easel, oiled with tray frame is 42X32 mm



Two large 1.8 metre tall A Frame Easels with special adjustable top and bottom mounts to hold huge books. These were made to meet the customers special requirement. 2008

left -Vic Ash, not oiled 90 x 19 mm frame.

Right Easel is ABKL1800 in Karri with mount low. Made november 2006

Karri, oiled with tray.

Left Double sided with single rear leg in Pine, circa 2001.

Right destined for a Catholic Church this is in Victorian Ash stained "Jarrah" with matching cork board. Note the cross on the top of the easel. Made in 2009. Note it has no cord. I stopped using cords in 2008.

Frame is 42 mm X 19mm in unoiled Vic. Ash, optional top mount.

Only 1600mm high and used for display, frame is oiled 32mmX19mm

I also used to make this design with a split rear leg and centre post. This one is in Red Iron Bark, note the wedge mount.

Easel - unoiled (raw) pine. I stopped making pine easels as I simply could not get wood that was good enough.

Recycled river Red Gum, split rear leg and centre post. Another easel I specially made.

Easel - oiled pine. I no longer make pine easels as I could not get enough good wood.


Easel is ABH1900 - . Made Nov. 2006

Easel - ABBL1800 in Blackbutt.

Easel - ABH1800 with tray and Palette holder on RHS

Easel - ABHL1800 with optional top mount.

Special ABMM1400 easel. Heavy duty display easel to hold a 50 kilogram plaque. The easel is made from oiled Merbau

AMHL2250 Special Easel .Designed. to hold a 1.5 metre deep board 700 mm off the floor. Fixed bottom shelf at 10 degrees angle to the easel to wedge the board into the top mount so it cannot be knocked off. Easel is special design so that only the 3 legs show below the board .I made 12 for the one order.

Silver painted Heavy Duty ABH1800 will hold up to 50 kilos

Easel has parallel sides and removable "hands" to hold a giant styrene heart 250mm deep.

ABML1800 with special mounts to hold two photos or paintings side by side.

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