Learn to play contract bridge with lessons from Joan Butts, practice bridge against the computer, play with others from around the world.

Learn to play contract bridge with lessons from Joan Butts, practice bridge against the computer, play with others from around the world.

Contract bridge is the worlds most complicated and satisfying card game. It stimulates the mind, is a good social outlet and can be played at any age. Bridge clubs are everywhere in Australia and always welcome new and guest players. Joan Butts bridge caters for any level, you can use it learn, to practice and improve your game so that when you play at a club or a competition you will always be able to play at your best standard. It even has help forums for hand problem solving.

Joan is visiting Melbourne 18-19 June giving lessons and duplicate play at The Langham and Kooyong Lawn Tennis Tennis Bridge Club - Not to be missed!!! Scroll down for details and entry at bottom of page.

To enter the site click on the red box,it will take you to Joan's site, then you either click on the same box or click on "Play and learn online (new version)"

Joan is also a bridge author, you can purchase her excellent books Click on the blue box:

Bridge Online is the easy way to play and learn bridge. You can play by yourself against the computer or play live with others. It’s been designed especially for new
and improving players.
Beginner bridge players and improvers will find tutorials in the learn section for bidding and card play

• Play live with other players from around the world.
• Go to the Forum for help with bidding
• Compare your scores with others who’ve played the
same hand
It's easy to get started. There is nothing to install, just log in and soon you will be playing bridge. The game works on Mac or PC
Have a 7-day free trial with full access to all features of the site.
Subscribe online for instant access to the game.
A subscription costs AU$8 per month.
We accept Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. Go to the link
on www.joanbuttsbridge.com
Phone or email Joan for more info. Call Joan on 0413 772 650 or email
PO Box 1570 New Farm 4005
Bridge - Go to www.joanbuttsbridge.com
Click Play Now
• Enter your Username and Password
(choose a unique username)
• Go to Joan Butts Page for lessons
Learn: Interactive lesson hands with video tutorials from Joan. Go to “Workbook for Beginners” and you’ll find all the
hands from “Play Bridge: A Workbook for the Absolute
Beginner” by Joan Butts
• Select a hand from any chapter and play it
• You will always be South, so the hands from the book
are rotated for that reason
• Select your bid from the bidding pad at the bottom of
the screen
• Click on a card when it’s your turn to play
• Click the Auction button, to revisit the auction or see
the last trick
• Click on Redeal to replay the same hand
• Click on Deal to go on to the next hand
• Click on the Video icon to hear Joan discussing the
bidding and play of the hand you’ve just played
• Improvers Lessons are available with tips toonline

For Duplicate and supervised games… the best in bridge lessons At Joan's Brisbane Bridge Club.

Bridge is easier and more enjoyable with a good understanding of the basics. Regular beginner’s courses are available (6 weeks). Joan uses her own products with a student-centered method of learning
– ask about starting times for the next course, or check the website at www.joanbuttsbridge.com.
Lessons are held regularly for players of all abilities on all general topics – bidding, play, and defence. Reinforcement is available by playing the lesson hands online.
Joan Butts offers you a range of options for learning, improving or advanced players to develop their skills.
She has a passion for teaching and aims to help players enjoy their learning experience by presenting the concepts as clearly as possible.
Joan has been a representative many times at State and National Level and is in the 2009 Queensland Open Team. She has a BA, Dip Ed, and Dip Ed Psych and is an expert bridge teacher and trainer of bridge teachers.
She is also the official teacher for the Queensland Bridge Association.
Regular competitive games with masterpoints are offered three times a week. Come with a partner, or let us know in advance that you need a partner.
Help with Bidding and Play as you play the hands. Just ask for friendly advice from your tutor. No need to come with a partner.
Joan organizes regular bridge holidays for players of all levels. See joanbuttsbridge.com for what’s happening now.
For the latest in Bridge books and guides – you are now able to buy from the website, or ask Joan for advice.
Check out the details overleaf for a wonderful way to learn or improve your bridge at your own pace between lessons. For students, improving or regular players. Check the links on our website at
As the official teacher of bridge in Queensland, Joan runs training programmes for teachers and supervisors, using the latest methods. She is also available to come to bridge clubs to give workshops to players.
Play, learn, enjoy!

Contact Joan

* Call Joan on 0413 772 650
* PO Box 1570 New Farm
* Brisbane, Australia, 4005
* email: joan@joanbuttsbridge.com


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