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My H Frames have had quite an evolutionary process, the problem when I first started designing them, was that I did not want to copy existing designs of other makers. Other makers have long runs using automatic machinery with specialized fittings, all designed to minimize manufacturing costs. I needed designs suited to a small workshop using off the shelf hardware. I also wanted them to fit a number of parameters, to be tall with good painting support, to fold yet be strong and stable. Most of the photos on this page are not current designs although I can make anything shown here.. Last desigh Change was to delete the cross bar at the front. The bar was originally designed to stop the easel from tilting forward. When I started slotting the sides to retain the side braces, I continued to fit the front cross bar for some time, but it was cosmetic.

Three HZ easels with trays - current design, economical to post. The outside easels are Vic Ash, the centre easel some dark red Karri I specially selected for a customer.

HZH1800 easel with tray- in Victorian ash, this easel is not oiled.

The HZ easel is designed to fold quickly and easily as are all my H frames. I did this as it is a lot easier to store and transport them

Another red HZ with a standard mount .Although not so apparent in this photo the wood was a lot paler than the red one in the above photo.

Rear of HZ easel showing the number of screws. I do this for strength and in case a customer neglects to glue the joint, however a combination of glue and screws will produce a superior easel.

HBH with Palette Holder on the tray

Red HZK1800 with tray

Now we start to get into the historical photos, this is a model HE easel, forerunner to the HZ

This is a real historical photo, a model HA, I only made about a dozen of these, I was trying to make a more economical but stable H frame that tilted. I ended up making the tilting A frame

Not sure what wood this is but the easel is an early version of the HB easel , it does not have the high top brace. A high top brace is not really necessary but it looks better. A very early tray with a separate bottom mount.

A real early HB, just about the first, note the long side braces. The wood is Karri.

Another early Karri easel, the mounting system for the bottom mount works off the outside of the verticals. No castors.

HB2000 in Recycled Oregon, note the old tray design and only 2 cross braces.

HB2000 in Recycled Oregon with bottom mount clamped from outside of easel. I stopped using this mounting system in about 2001

This H frame was huge, designed to hold a door, either horizontally or vertically. Made from pine.

This is a very early H frame, I started making them without a centre post and full width mounts top and bottom. The mounts clamped to the outside of the verticals, smaller canvases were supported by the mounts. This is a pretty good design, which I could easily make now but with some of my current design features. The main benefit is full support top and bottom for canvases and boards. The price would be the same as a current easel. The sides would be one piece.

Similar easel to the previous one with a very big tray. The braces are actually mounted quite differently.

Another early version of the current design, however many detail changes have been made since.

HCH1600 - Counterweighted Easel. This version of the easel ran from 2004 to 2010. From then on I deleted the front cross bar, added Premium castors and made the top mount 45mm deep front to back. The tray was changed so you could move the wedge mount independantly of the tray. The front cross bar was purely cosmetic.

Easel is HCO2000- Counterweighted Oregon Older design. I no longer make recycled Oregon easels as I cannot locate a decent source of wood. The supplier I used to have closed.

Red easel possibly Jarrah, once more the 2004 to 2010 design.

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