Wheels - Fitted to A Frames and Single Post Easels.

You can fit wheels to just about any easel. The secret is that when the easel is in its normal operating position the wheels must not touch the ground. To wheel the easel around you pull it towards you, so the wheels contact the ground then you maneuver the easel like a wheel barrow. Wheels can be fitted to AT frames (Tilting A Frame), AB frames (Standard A Frame) and Single Post easels. I have previously fitted them to a number of easels and always delivered the easel before taking photos. At last I remembered with the photos below.

Cost to fit wheels is $25 per easel.

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Front view of a Model AT easel, fitted with wheels, here the wheels are not touching the ground.

Abbie is holding the same AT easel, the back leg is folded and she can easily wheel it anywhere.

Close up of the wheel on the AT easel when the easel is in normal operating mode, note the wheel is not touching the ground.

Close up of wheel when it is touching the ground as the easel is pulled, or pushed around.

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