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Hi Jeff

Thank you so much for the new easel. At 6'5" you can not imagine how good it is to be able to work at any height. Additionally the custom modifications you included were perfect. I went for the counter-weighted H frame with twin palette holders. The flexibility and versitility your unit provides cannot be understated.
I would thoroughly recommend Jeff's easels to anyone who is serious about their art.

Ross Bollom

This is State of Origin Rugby Shield on an EBAL aluminium easel purchased by the New South Wales Rugby League Limited to display the shield in multiple locations.

Hi Jeff,

We have your easle put together and the TV mounted and placed.
It really fits nicely in with the hardwood floors and bookcases.

Thanks for sharing your work with us.

Many regards,
Mike and Megan this is a TVA1600 television easel

Thanks so much for the easel Jeff! It looks great and so well made and packaged too. I am going to display this in a different area of the house but just wanted to show you. . Thanks again! Easel is a ABHL1600 black display easel.

Hi Jeff

I wanted to send through some photos of the donut wall I recently created for Camp Quality and Holmesglen Tafe. It was a big hit and your easel was perfect to hold it up. Appreciate your advice and thanks again for sending it out so quickly.


All good with the easel now, after you sent the pics!
Up and running, here's a pic!

Colin Easel is a counter weighted H frame

Hi Jeff
I bought an easel from you in 2015 and have enjoyed using it immensely. I thought you might like to know that I painted a self-portrait on the easel that has just won the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize in Sydney. I have attached a couple of photos. One of me at work at the easel and another of the prize winning portrait.
Best wishes Lynn Savery

This is a HCK2400 counterweighted easel photographed in the studio of Tim Storrier. Once seeing this easel Tim ordered a second. It is made from Red Queensland hardwood. It weighs approximately 60 kilos.

Dear Jeff
The book stand turned is now assembled and in place. Looks like it will do the job nicely, although the dog isn't quite convinced and she seems to be ignoring it. I've attached aphoto as requested. I don't have a website, but you are welcome to use the photos but without any attribution.
Again thanks very much.
Kind regards
Jon - This is a freestanding book stand in Jarrah.

Hello Jeff,

We received your assembled easel the other day, and must say that we were very happy with the quality and finish of the final product.
Its amazing how light and easy it is to move around the house. It truly is a fine piece of work.
I've attached a photo for use on your website.
The easel will occupy a prominent position in our lounge room, after other furniture is rearranged.
Rest assured that we will recommend you and your business website to all who inquire.

Glen - Easel is a ABH1800 with top mount

Hi Jeff,
We currently have our exhibition on and the seminar is taking place tonight.
Please find attached a panoramic image of the room set up with 50 easels – they look great!
Thanks again for your great product!
Kind regards,
Sam Hawkins
ADVANCEMENT MANAGER - University College University of Melbourne.

Jeff , Just to let you know how pleased I am with my new easel which my daughters bought me for Christmas, have enclosed photo, Carole Koerner - easel is ATH1800 with tilt tray

This is one of my earliest designs for a Fully Folding horizontal to vertical easel circa 2001

Hi Jeff,

The easels came today and I loved be them! They are so easy to adjust and they fit my large canvas. Will definitely be getting a few more in the future.Best wishes,Iris - Iris did place a second order.

Hi Jeff, Greetings from Motorclassica! Love the easel, it's perfect!! Thanks again for all your help. Hope the pics are useful. Naomi - Easel is an EBAL

Donut wall on ABML2100 easel by Luxe Creations creators of truly amazing candy buffets.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks again for the easel. It looks and works really well. Pics attached in case you want some for your website.

Have a great new years

Julian - Easel is a TVA 1600

HCH1600 with tray and 2 palette holders owned by Phil Hazleton

Helping Hand Group use my EBAL easels around Australia for their events.

At Helping Hand Group, our team has raised and donated over $100 million for leading charities, community groups, schools, and sporting clubs since 1997. We help fundraising events with a long list of auction items and full event assistance with our electronic silent auction system, Ballot Bidding® programme, and expert fundraising event staff to help you raise more money for your special cause. Best of all, our services come at no cost to our clients! We provide auction items on a consignment-type basis and that means no cost to your event budget. Our friendly event staff will set up item displays at your event, manage the auctions, and take care of payments, removal, and shipping. That’s how we lend a helping hand.

Greetings Jeff!
After lengthy period of procrastination, here's a pic of work in progress' using your 'wall' easel. I'm very impressed with the quality, and ease of use of the
easel, I love it, and highly recommend your inventiveness, workmanship, and
dedication...thank you Jeff!
Suzanne Talbot ---Easel is a SSA1800

Some of the HCH2000 easels owned by Paul B in Sydney. Paul owns six model HCH2000's and two other high specification easels.

Hi Jeff, Just confirming the easel arrived with us this week. We have now set it up with the picture which works well, as you will see in the attached photo.

Tanya Johnson

Tanya ordered an EBAL

Hi Jeff,

We received our easel this morning and absolutely love it. The craftsmanship is superb and we're thoroughly impressed with the custom modification for our larger canvas. Looking forward to putting the easel to good use at our next event.

Kind regards, Christine EST10

The easel is an ABHL1600 silver display easel


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the wonderful easels and such a quick turnaround.

Have attached an image for you and a link below to the write up of the exhibition.

Many thanks,

Simone. - The easels are model EBAL

Hi Jeff , The easels look amazing and certainly deliver what I was looking for
Thank you for all your help

Regards, Darren Symes
Darren ordered two 330mm tall easels in Jarrah

Easels arrived and pics attached! Thanks again


Sam Buchanan - Sam ordered 390mm tall Jarrah easels

Hi Jeff, My artist Face book page is:

My website:


Marian owns a HIH1800

Hi Jeff,

Here are the images I have received of our display at Government House for you to use on your website if you would like.The event was an acknowledgement of a very successful 20 years since the Phillip Island Nature Parks organization was formed.

The easels worked a treat.

Cheers Kahren - Kahren Richardson Graphic Design Phillip Island Nature Parks

Easels are EBAL

Dear Jeff,

With much joy I received the easels today. Thank you so much .I have attached a picture of the smaller one .I pray all is well With every best wish and with much gratitude,

Fr Silouan -

The easel is a ABH1800 with a fixed rear leg.


Hi Jeff, Many thanks for the easel, it should be very good for its purpose. Attached is a photo.
The link to Margaret’s website is : Margaret McLoughlin Artist

Richard - Easel is EBAL

Hi Jeff, Thanks for the easel, it arrived the day after I ordered it from you and my uncle loves it (was a present from me). . Here is a short description of what I do:

Live caricatures for parties, functions, weddings and any event really. I can draw around 10 caricatures per hour and keep the guests entertained all throughout the function. I also create them from photos

Regards, Phil. - Easel is an EBAL

Hi Jeff,

I thought to send work in progress so it looks more real rather than a completed painting .Thanks for the great easel. My third so very happy with them!

blaze - See web site:

Easel is a ABH1800

Gail Mabo used EBAL easels to good effect in this display

Hi Jeff,

The easel turned out lovely. - Hasan

Painting is on is a ABHL1600 black display easel

Hi Jeff!

I have received the easel and finally got the chance to assemble it over the weekend. It is absolutely easel I have ever come across. I am an art teacher and I have seen and built many easels, yours is by far the best built!
I will definitely send you a photo of the easel 'in action' when I get the chance to paint. My son is 3 months old now and I am gradually able to do more around the place the better he gets! Can't wait for a day to paint though! I will leave you with a photo of it assembled in my studio space for now.Once again, thank you so much. I have highly recommended your work to friends and
colleagues of mine.

Zoe - Easel is a HBH1800S

HCH2000 owned by Mark Hill

Hi Jeff,
Thank you for the speedy delivery of my easel! It was so easy to set up, with the help of your instructions. Very pleased with the end result!
Kind Regards,
Kathryn Hewes -Easel is SSD2600 special in Jarrah

Hi Jeff , hope things are well for you. Here is my latest painting I created on my
great easel that couldn't be better looking. Thanks again

Best regards

Marco P. - Easel is an AMH2100 with reversed top clamp

Hi Jeff,

I have now mounted my picture onto the aluminum easel.

Txs again for the prompt despatch and delivery

Kind Regards

Soraya - Easel is model EBAL

Hi Jeff,

The Easels were received safe and sound on Monday and we’ve already set them up in their new temporary home for the next 12 months. Regards,
Geoff Hunter
Noosa Springs, QLD - The Two EBAL easels are holding an estimated 20kg between them.

Hi Jeff,

I am forming a non-for- profit art group and require 12 easels to be delivered to the one address in Cammeray, Sydney. Could you please give me a quote for the same one that I bought before - that is - as below : ABHL1800S (Student model) Sanded Victorian Ash without top mount but assembled.

Loretta - Loretta's art group has received their easels.

Semi Folding Aluminum display easels used by TDA Interiors.


Hi Jeff,
Thanks so much for your help with the rushed easel order. Here is a picture of one in use!

Natalie - The Event Space

Hi Jeff, Easel arrived today. This is a tribute to the 39 th battalion. These guys were the
true heroes of the Kokoda trail during world war 2.The saviors of Australia. They were not recognized as they were only militia. They
were not regular army.My uncle is in the photo of the soldiers on parade standing in line. The photo was
taken by Damian Parer famous war photographer .Thanks for the quick response and delivery.

Gary - Easel is a special A frame in Jarrah

Two ABHL1800 easels of many owned by Inside the Brick to display various lego items.


Hi Jeff

Attached please find the promised image of the easels in use. They are really
amazing and we are very happy with them.

Kind regards

Two SSD2600 white display easels custom sized. This easel is designed to sit against a wall behind furniture without marking the wall.

Hi Jeff,
I just love using my new easel. I'm working on a series of paintings the same size at the moment so haven't had to use the counterweight lifting system but am looking forward to being able to raise and lower larger paintings with my fingertips! My old easel had a small tray under the painting shelf. I used to put my palette on my lap - the shelf got in the way, blocking the light and often getting paint on its bottom
side which would then somehow get all over me. Your tray is perfect! I show off your easel to all and sundry.

Many thanks for your clever design and manufacture of my lovely has info about my work

Best wishes,
Pam - the easel is a HCH1800

Hello Jeff,
Mounting paintings ( I rotate the paintings) on the easel gives me much pleasure and certainly is a talking point for any visitors to my home.

Kind regards, Robert - Easel is a ABKL1800 display easel.

Hi Jeff,
Used the easel (EBAL) today and it was BRILLIANT! Easy to put together, love the
adjustable legs and the spring clip at the top to hold the canvas. My painting was
100 X 60 cm and on a wooden frame (ie. not light balsa type wood) which was covered
by a heavier than normal canvas. It sat on the easel with ease and didn't move. It
is extremely strong for its light weight. I couldn't be happier, and of course,
showed off my purchase to other class members.
Many, many thanks for selling such a great product.

Regards Marg - The photo shows Marg's older HBH1800 and her EBAL

Hi Jeff
Thanks for your patience as It took me awhile but finally finished the 1st painting
and starting a 2nd on your extremely well made textbook easel... it will always be
appreciated. I hope you like the pics, it looks really good here on the floorboards.

Best wishes, Marco - Easel is a AMH2100

Hi Jeff,

A recent business presentation of the easels we bought in use.


Christine - Easels are LBAL


Mate I am very happy.
I would recommend you to anyone who wants an easel. You run a really good business.
All the best - Gary

The easel is a 1.3 metre tall Jarrah Display A Frame special.

This is a ABH1800 with top mount, Photo from Brian Harcourt.



Hi Jeff,

I wanted to thank you for an amazing product, the easel is fantastic Its light weight, adjustable and easy to assemble, thank you for the instructions. Kind regards Miriana - - Easel is an EBAL heavy duty aluminium

Dear Jeff,

I am thoroughly impressed by the quality and design of my brand new, hand-crafted, easel.

It is wonderfully flexible and strong, allowing upright positioning for painting, horizontal for illustration work and an infinite range of adjustments in between to suit even the most restless of artists! I am also using the ingenious addition of the tilt tray as a drawing surface, reserving the formal easel area to view my reference drawings with an easy, upward glance.

The signature, cube-shaped knobs allow for effortless adjustment and are one of my favourite features giving the easel appealing character. The quality of the wood, finish and unique design are so easy on the eye that I am happy to have it on permanent display in my living room which currently doubles as my art studio as I am short on space!

I couldn't be couldn't be more satisfied with my purchase and have a funny feeling that I may be ordering an additional desk top version in the not too distant future. Love your work.

Best wishes, Alison
Instagram: -Easel is a MPH horizontal to vertical tilting studio easel with tilting tray

Hi Jeff,

My name is Yolanda and I teach art in my home studio in Rouse Hill NSW. I found out a long time ago that a good easel can make a significant difference to one's painting experience.Some twelve years ago, I bought a floor easel from Easels Galore and because I have been so happy with it I recommended that one of my students (Joyce) buy her table easel from you.

Joyce (seventy years young), has had a stroke and brain surgery, so her motor skills have been badly compromised. She has an excellent sense of colour and composition, but her technique relies on "dabbing" at the canvas with her brush, often causing smaller table easels to move away.

There is wheelchair access to my studio, but we had initial problems finding an easel that was stable, didn't slide away and stopped the canvas from bouncing. The table easel (model DTWCH) her husband bought for her from Easels Galore is great. With the design and weight of the easel, it doesn't slide away and supports the canvas so it doesn't bounce.

Joyce has a lot more control over her painting now and therefore enjoys it more. And we get to enjoy more of her wicked sense of humour. At the end of class the easel folds up easily, holding the canvas in place for carrying home.As a teacher, I highly recommend this easel to anyone who appreciates a good quality table easel, that stays put.

Regards, Yolanda Seach

PS: Joyce has given her permission to use the attached image of her on our websites.Tony, her husband, told me you offered to put my contact details linked to your website. I appreciate the offer.

My website: Email: Mobile: 0427 297 700

Looks Really Great, thank you so much, Carol.

Carol ordered a ABM1800 heavy duty 90x19 easel to carry her 27 kilogram Matt Blatt Starr mirror

Hello, Jeff .... from Pennsylvania.
A much enjoyed and appreciated easel.
Hope all is well with you and your family.
Kind regards Karen & Mark

On a visit to Australia, I sent this HBH2000 with HD castors and tray to their hotel and they took it back to the USA as luggage.

Thanks so much! It's pefect. - Kayla

The easel is a ABHL1800 but the shelf is 120mm front to back to hold the deep frame.


Hi Jeff, As promised a picture of my assembled easel in my art space I really love it,

thanks Suzanne - The easel is a HIH1800

Hi Jeff – I’m pleased (but not at all surprised, given the great design and robust construction) to report that my easel is going strong after several years and proving simply wonderful in use. It’s not exactly light (mine is the mountain ash semi folding single post), but is compact when folded and easy to carry to workshops - and sets up quickly and easily once you know its secrets!

Best of all it is oh so sturdy, even in workshops. Other easels collapse, slide down, break, require constant fiddling etc, but mine stays solid as a rock. Classmates watch in a befuzzled manner as I unfold it and set it up, but are soon asking questions about its clever design and compact footprint.

I’ve finally got a reasonably decent pic of me using it so I thought I’d send it for your collection (I know you asked, but don’t think I’ve ever sent one to you).

Hope you like it!

Kind regards,

Robyn - Robyn has a FFH500 and I love getting emails like this from customers, years after they have purchased!

HI Jeff,

Not a great photo, but it was the best of a bad bunch.

I could take a few photos at my art group if you want some variety.


Dianne Edlin - Easel is an EBAL HD Aluminium

Hi Jeff,

Please find attached a couple of images of the easel I purchased for my mum just before xmas. She was thrilled - it was exactly what she was looking for to display the print I originally bought for her on holidays in Bhutan. A definite win!

Amanda. - Easel is 320 mm tall in Jarrah.

Hi Jeff,

In love with our new Easel!! Thank you!!
I have a few upcoming events booked in with the Easel with chalkboard signage etc. Ill send you more pics as they come in.


Easel is a white display ABHL1800


Hi Jeff

It's great, and it's going to be fabulous especially for my larger canvases.
I've attached some photos of it with a recently completed work, I look forward to it being centre of my studio for many years to come.I'm currently working on paintings and developing a range of homewares, and can be
found at

Thanks again, Kristen - Easel is a HBH1800

Easels used for David Smouha's Night Moves Exhibitions at Brisbane and Westside BMW" - The easels are EBAL Folding Aluminium

Display Easels

Hi Jeff, Here are a couple of snaps from the easels and how we are using at our events. Thanks!

Display easel

Hi Jeff

To confirm the first of the easels we ordered has come through and I’ve attached a couple of photos of the easel set up in the AGL Sydney office reception. Everyone seems very happy with the display too.This link takes you to the project for which the easels are being used for.The second easel is for the same project, but it will be set up in the Bogan Shire Council offices in Nygnan, NSW.Thanks again for your quick turn around with the easels. Great service!

Regards Helena - AGL - they ordered two Heavy duty ABM1800 easels in Merbau to hold heavy sheets of glass. The shelf was modified to hold the glass.

Sword Stand

Hi Jeff
Easel arrived today - measures perfectly and looks great!

Thanks Ryan

Ryan ordered a modified YTH1800 easel to hold his Claymore

Dear Jeff,

I received the easels yesterday. They are absolutely beautiful, classy and stable and I'm very happy with them. Thank you for your craftsmanship.


Hiro ordered 2 off 320mm easels in Jarrah.

Hi Jeff ... thought you may want this image .... Regards Doug

Easel is EBAL Aluminium Easel.

Display easel

Peter Alexander Brisbane CBD store. Every Peter Alexander store, throughout Australia,has a White ABHL1800 display easel

City Light Church is a brand new church in Balmain, all about seeing people in the Inner West of Sydney come into a real relationship with Jesus.

We meet every Sunday morning at 11AM at 482 Darling St Balmain, NSW.

Easel is a ABHL1800 display easel and is on RHS of photo

Television Easel
Hi Jeff,

Please see the photo attached - hope it suits what you have in mind for you website.

Ruby Ruby ordered a special ATM2100 easel for her Television. It has extended front legs and wider top and bottom mount. If she turns the tray upside down it increases surface area for a PVR etc.

Book Easel
Hi Jeff, you are right. It is beautiful. I attach a photo of it on my
desk.... Thanks again.

Kind regards
George Lucarelli - Wardell Chambers

- Easel is a DBTSJ - tilting desktop book easel in Jarrah

ABHL1800 easel at The Great Debate. Set designed by bluebottle: Bluebottle is a Melbourne based design company with expertise in combining light and form in inventive ways. The bluebottle team is accomplished in managing all aspects of a project to achieve an excellent outcome. Company members work across various art forms as creative consultants, designers, project managers and lecturers.

Art Easels

Hi Jeff,

As promised some pic’s of the easels which are now finally put together. They look great as you can see compared to the old ones.

Thanks again for all you help.

Kind regards Maree - Maree Ann McCusker | Administration Assistant Customer Service | Ku-ring-gai Council

The Ku-ring gai Art Centre has purchased a number of HBH1800 easels over the years. As you can see with the older ones, they are well used.

Modified ABML1800 Easel in Merbau with special mounts. What Hidden are rear supports for the photos. Owned by Burwood Council in Sydney.

Hi everyone,

I'm Tony Kalemba and I have been painting for just over 2 years now. The Easel I purchased for has made my artistic journey much easier.
If you would like to follow me and my artworks head on over to the following links

Youtube: Facebook: Colour In Your Life:

Black Aluminium Easel owned by Perpetual

Dear Jeff,

As promised here is a photo of our use of your easel. It has not been used for its total height as yet. This has been used in our Chapel and remains there while we celebrate the life of a founding religious. Again, many thanks for assisting me in my hour of need!

Kind regards, - Dearna - Dearna Brinnand - Stuartholme School Qld.

Television Easels

H Frame Easels model HBH1800 with slim line 42inch televisions at a trade stand.


Television Easel
Hello Jeff,

Renovating hasn't been easy. I'm still going and waiting for my electrician to put
another tv port so the easel looks a little untidy with the cords but I'm still very happy and love it!! I got my neighbour to put it together for me lol he had all the tools!! I am passing your details onto anyone that asks

I hope you are well and thank you once again for the most beautiful easel tv I have
ever seen!! :)

Best regards

Linda - See TV Easel


Display Easel

Hi Jeff,

By the way,
A few years I've ordered (then with another company) a larger easel from you and used it at an expo tradestand.
I'm not sure, if I ever sent you a photo.
Please see shot of the stand attached. - Welsh Photography

Regards, Vici. - Vici Just ordered a small easel off me. The easel in the photograph is a White ABHL1600 display easel.

Art Easels

Dear Jeff

Thanks for supplying the new easels, I have had favourable feedback from my Technical Group, and Academic staff. Many Thanks,
Scott Allan
Manager, Technical Group
School of Communication & Creative Arts
Faculty of Arts and Education
Deakin University
Melbourne Burwood Campus


Display Easels

Victoria Park is based in Brisbane and holds hundreds of functions and weddings each
year in their 8 function rooms. The black aluminium easels are used around the venue
to display room information and directional signage for events.

Hi Jeff.

the easel is absolutely perfect, I no longer have to worry about hooks in the wall and as you can see its virtually invisible. Thanks for the great work and extremely prompt delivery.

Kind Regards - Thewa

Easel is a Single sided wall display easel SSD2600 in white.


Display Easel

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the fantastic service!!
The mirror looks great!

Regards, Tom

Easel is a SSD2600 Single sided wall display


Display Easels

Easels at Ella and Friends,
Seriously Fun Photography - check out their web site Some amazing pet photography. Easels are ABH1800 with top mounts

DSD1800 Black display easels holding community art at Erina Fair Shopping Centre.

Hi Jeff,

Here are photos of my mosaic on the easel. I am a student of Red Girl Mosaic so
thought I would add Julie Steven's web link

If you have any queries feel free to let me know.


The easel is a 430mm Merbau easel

Hi Jeff,

Attached is a pic of the easel with our honours board – looks fantastic!! Management are very happy!

Many thanks!! Linda - Western Australia School of Mines - Faculty of Science and Engineering - Curtin University

The easel is a HBH2000 in Red Hardwood

WIJ1800 easel at Roseville Golf Club

Hi Jeff

We are very pleased with the easels.

We have used them in our History Week display 'Picturing Warringah' at
Dee Why Library. This display looks at how our local area has been
portrayed in art and advertising.
The Local Studies collection covers all aspects of the Warringah Local
Government Area - history, geography, environment...

I have attached some images but they do have glare from the lights.
Sorry about that.


Tina Graham | Local Studies Librarian | Warringah Council Library Service - They ordered a number of double sided easels

Television Easel

Hello Jeff.

The appearance has met and we think exceeded our expectations. We have probably spent more time looking at the easel than watching TV! Which is probably the right balance.

Some of my work colleagues were quite intrigued by the idea and liked what they saw from the crummy pictures on my phone.

We'll be in touch as soon as we have better pictures for you to use.

Kind regards

David and Karen - David and Karen ordered a H frame TV easel, it is a special H frame. I will be making a dedicated web page as soon as I have the time.


The easel looks great.

Regards, Grant

Grant's easel is holding up a 35 Kilogram Cambodian stone frieze. The easel is specially strengthened for the weight.

Hi Jeff

I'm so happy with the easel that I can't even describe it. This is a such good quality that some top brands can't even be compared with it. I tell people about you and the quality easels you produce. I wish you all the best in the future. Looking forward to cooperate with you again.
Kind regards,

Alenka has a HCH2000 with tray and two palette holders. The Palette holders are folded in the photo.

Hi Jeff,
Thank you, as you can see I have received my easel, its wonderful .

cheers debbie - Easel is a Black Aluminum Easel

Hi Jeff,

Please find attached the photo of the easel that I used at an event to display my sign board. The easel was pretty easy to use and very portable.

Kind regards,

Easel is a Black Aluminum Easel

Hey Jeff, we gave up getting a nice picture of marnie painting in the sun (because there was no sun…)

Gavin - Easel is a ABH1800.

Sometimes a customer does something for you that is totally unexpected and makes my passion for easels totally worthwhile. This is one of those times. I received the following email from Rob:


thank you for the beautiful easel and the extra effort of sanding the easel for me. I have oiled it many times, to the point where it currently will not take anymore oil.

Jeff, I am really happy with the easel. It is a classy piece of craftsmanship, so much so, that I thought it deserved a more durable reminder of its creator than the current business card which you staple to the back of your easels. I hope you don't mind but, I reproduced the Easels Galore business card design, re-sketched your easel photo and asked an engraving company (Talbot Walsh Engraving) to engrave the design on 5 brass rectangular plates. I have kept one of the brass plates myself and have sent the remaining 4 to you as a thank you for the extra effort of sanding the easel.

This is the first time that i have arranged to reproduced a design in brass so, I hope you like them.

None of this is of any cost to you but the brass plates are yours to keep if you wish to use them. I hope you like them. Once again, thanks for the wonderful work on the easel.
Kind Regards, Rob

I sent Rob a HCH1800. He had ordered an unfinished one, but I sanded it , ready to oil and he did not discover this until he opened the parcels. I will keep one of the plates (above) and fix the other 3 to HCH1800 easels. Thank you Rob, I got a lot of pleasure out of your wonderful gesture.


Hi Jeff

Here is a photo of my beautiful easel in operation. I'm really loving it. Thanks again - it's such a joy to paint with.

Megan - Megan purchased a HCH1600 with tray and twin palette holders, which are folded under the tray.

Hi Jeff

When the easels arrived, they were professionally packaged in bubble wrap To avoid any damage. When opening we found your after care instructions and Of course the easels.My wife and I are very happy with the end product, not only that the finish and Quality is of high standard, but we were very surprised of the strength and construction of your easels. The choice of wood, was a perfect choice as it complimented the rest of our furniture.

With the circular painting, this was painted by a friend of ours and was presented To us as a Christmas gift, it resembles my family at the beach fishing. This now proudly Sits on our buffet.With the book, the school my children go to, all of the mothers played there part and Selected their favorite recipes and make a book named after the school. This book Now proudly sits on the kitchen bench.

We have look in the past at off the shelf easels and in no way do they come close To yours in quality and pricing. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your work to others.

All the best and keep up the great work.

David Ciancio

Hi Jeff,

The easel arrived well in time but I left the unpacking for my wife on her birthday. Thank you very much for the exceptional packing, the easel arrived in perfect condition. The easel is absolutely perfect and Rita was very happy with the surprise. At the moment we are actually painting the house so not real spare time for other pursuits, but I have taken a photo of the easel sitting in its position. The staining and wood fits perfectly for what I wanted and the
functionality will be ideal for Rita,

Best Regards,
Marco - Easel is a YH1800

Dear Jeff

The easel arrived yesterday and it is beautiful. I really love it. Thank you so much.

Best regards

Katharine - Easel is a ABHL1800 with top mount

Hi Jeff,

The easel arrived and I must say it was really well packaged, and beautiful quality, Thank you. I purchased the easel to have some of my work displayed in a local Bed & Breakfast. I’ve attached an image, though the easel is not in good sight and the lighting is pretty poor. The b&b is was built in the early 1930’s I believe, as a lodge for an inland golf course in Beverley, regional WA.

Kind regards, Marlene Willson

Easel is a ABHL1600

Hi Jeff, Ii looks great - thank you!

Kind regards,

Claire Bucklow -The Rocks Williamstown.

A luxurious new function space overlooking the stunning Port Phillip Bay. Unparalleled views and modern, elegant style combine to create a truly unique setting for your wedding, corporate function or private event.

Hi Jeff,
Thank you again for organizing the easels for me. Attached is an image of what we do
with our easels for training. I hope this a good indication for you!
Thanks again,
Natalie. - M.A.C. Cosmetics Have a good look at their web site for the worlds best Cosmetics and some pretty good photography too.

Hi Jeff
Attached are a couple of photos hope they suit your purposes - I have been working
on this piece this week and she is almost complete.
Thanks again for such a beautiful easel.
Cheers Cheryl - Easel is a HHV1800

Hi Jeff, easels arrived safe and sound - exactly what I was looking for ... thanks for your prompt service on those.

Mark -

Hi Jeff,

Just a follow up on my recent purchase of easel from you. We finally managed to get it together and it is now being well used. I have attached a photo as requested – though the painting shown is still a work in progress.


Vanessa Newell - Vanessa purchased a HHV1800

This is a Counterweighted H frame I made in the prior to 2004. Owned by Anneke Newman. when Anneke ordered a second easel I asked for a photo of her old one, here it is but have a look at her web site, fabulous portraits of dogs.

The Fingerprint Tree™ is an artistic and creative way to capture a significant day in someone’s life, whether it be a wedding, a first birthday, a christening, an anniversary, or a milestone birthday. The leaves of the tree are made up of all the family and friends that were there on the day. You simply write your name somewhere on the tree, then place your fingerprint over the top.


Hi Jeff, sorry to take a few days to get back to you. Here are a few photos for your
website. Good luck!

Kind Regards, Fleur van Eenennaam

Manager Michael Seebeck Photography Cairns --- have a look at the Fabulous photos on this site.
Shop 4/ 85-87 Esplanade Cairns QLD 4870 Ph: 07 4041 5353

Outer photos are models ATK1800 and the middle photo is of two ABD1800 easels


Attached is a photo of the framed silk rug on your beautiful easel. Thanks so much for such a beautiful job!

Maree Cairns - This is a very Heavy photo Easel was modified to hold The framed silk rug. The easel is a ABK1800 Special

Display Easels

Hi Jeff,

Thank you so much for pulling out all the stops to ensure we had our easels at such short notice. As you can see from the photos' attached they look fantastic.

Kind Regards,

Sharon Pollock
Operations Manager
Envisian Pty. Ltd.

Easels are white ABHL1600

Hi Jeff,

I have received and picked it up from the post this morning - it's
perfect for what I needed it for. It's on my desk at work holding my letter press calendar. It looks great.

Thank you for making this and sending it

Kind Regards


Sandra purchased a DL sized small easel.

Thanks for this Jeff. All good. Have been taking the easel to my art tuition. So light and easy to assemble. In the future will take it plein air,Painting....Outside Painting.

Thanks again. Will put a recommendation on my blog.

Regards, Carolyn

Hi Jeff,

As promised, please see photo of set up Easel. As you can see I am using it to display a piece of artwork we have purchased.

Kind regards,

Arnold and Rose van Son - Arnold purchased a silver aluminum easel

Hi Jeff,
I haven't actually been painting for many years. My hope is that the easel and the space I made for it will encourage me to get back to it.
Thanks again for the awesome easel
Regards, Leo

Check out Leo's web site He specializes in artisan letter press printing of Wedding Stationary and other unique printing.

Leo purchased a Special unfinished Merbau A frame and he finished it.

Hi Jeff
Last Thursday when I came back home, my easel was there waiting for me in bubble wrap. I was so happy. It took me a while to unwrap the many many layers of bubble wrap, but it
took me no time at all to set up the easel. It is a beautiful , very well made and super sturdy easel . I am very happy with this easel and would be happy to recommend your easels to anybody.
Here I attached a picture of my easel in use.

Thanks again. :)

Regards Amy - May has a FFM400 in Merbau

Hello Jeff

The easel arrived just before Christmas - many thanks. The mosaic is titled Tree of Life; my partner Sharon Pech created it.

Regards, Ron. - Easel is a WIB1750


My new easel arrived yesterday. It is a beauty. HUGE to be able to carry big canvases and it operates by counterweights, so to raise it or lower it - you just undo two knobs & raise and lower the bar with the touch of a finger. So easy for little girls like me.

So if you want to raise it or lower it - you just loosen those two out side knobs (where you see three) at the front & raise or lower it.The big block at the back gives it the weight - there are two more blocks you can add to give it more weight for a heavier canvas.This guy does beautiful work. Takes pride & joy in it & is a perfectionist. Also a real darling to deal with - very helpful & is also an artist so he knows what is needed .I love the little knobs - no more wing nuts.!! - hoorah.

Lord of the Arts
Byron Bay NSW
- Posted on Wet Canvas in 2002 - I copied it just in case they deleted their old postings.
You can see the original post here - Jeff

This is a HCH2000 since 2002 I have made some changes since, but essentially the design is the same - Jeff.

Hi Jeff,

We received our easel yesterday and have set it up in the foyer section of the administration office (see attached pics).Thanks for such excellent and fast service. We are a medium size Government Public School in Sydney's northern suburbs and have chosen to showcase our student's fabulous artwork created at the NSW Department of Education and Communities on"Operation Art" program on the easel we purchased from you. We're very happy and think it looks great!

Kind regards, Julie Stark
School Administration Manager - Ryde Public School

ABHL1800 owned by Mbantua Fine Art Gallery and Cultural Museum. - Mornington 0359736651

'Aluminum Folding Easel - model SAL - used by inner east metropolitan Melbourne City Council for Citizenship Ceremonies'

Limed 430mm small easel owned by Chris Regan.

Dear Jeff,
A previous owner framed the Miro print in an ostentatiously substantial way; we don't mind the effect but the result weights 8.5kg.
The easel is the perfect solution. It easily takes the weight and is quite stable.
Ian Cameron - The easel is a Black Folding Aluminum Easel

ABML1800 - Merbau display easels 1.8 metres tall at the Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm Museum at Nowra in NSW. This display is Located in a restored lighthouse and the Merbau easels are a good fit in the decor. 10 easels are in the display.

Thank you! It's perfect! - From Angela Eiselt's iphone- the easel is a ABHL1800Black

This is an easel that works as expected,
sturdy, well built and very maneuverable in every direction, thank you Jeff
Graham & Julie Sanders-
Graham has a HHV2100

Hi Jeff.
All good, yes I used the glue in all the joints. Looking forward to painting with it. Had a good go till late yesterday and was amazed at the ease of it. Thanks Paul

Paul Haggith purchased a HCH2000 Check out his web site for some wonderful art.

Hi Jeff,

Here is the image from a couple of weeks ago.Used for the launch of Giant Sydney - coming at the end of August. Going to be
exciting! Thank you


Nick - 31 July 2012

The easel has arrived in good condition. Thanks very much for your prompt service!

Have a great day,

Easel is a Black Aluminum Easel

Hi Jeff,

As promised please now find attached some images of the easel's with the TV's attached.

I have attached higher resolution photos, incase you do want to use them for your website. Feel free to check it out our website we design and produce custom built displays (We designed and built this entire Samsung display you can see in the background of the photo's within three weeks :) ).

Thanks again for your help – as you can see, they look great!
Kind Regards,Lauren Pateman
Account Manager

Easels are HBH1800, you can order special mounts to hold televisions horizontally, or vertically.

Hi Jeff

Thanks so much for making the lovely easel for us, it was just what we were
looking for. It arrived with no problems, and I assembled the easel straight away.We have it placed at the entry way to our house with our beautiful Peter Lik photography book on it. We bought a magnificent Peter Lik photography book which has hundreds of his photos in it.
We wanted to display the beautiful book so others who entered our home could
appreciate the photos too.



I can't remember if I told you that I assembled the easel. I took your advice and had no problems. Here is a picture of it in use. I'm working in a messy garage until I get the house organized. I'm finding the counter-weight a joy. I have back problems and I can move the canvas or me as required and find I'm less tired after a session in the "studio".

Paula - Easel is a FFH1600

Looks great. Every home that loves books needs a Jeff Lacey Book Display Easel. For the big and beautiful books in your library, show it don't stow it. PS Thanks for the complimentary pen. Regards, Anthony Kennedy. - Anthony purchased the Freestanding Book Easel for "The Art Museum" Book

Hi Jeff,
Thank you so much for the wonderful easel. It arrived exactly when you said it would and I have been enjoying working on it for a few weeks now. It is beautifully designed, has great versatility and it is marvelously stable. My art practice is quite diverse. I like sometimes to work vertically and at others to work flat so the easel is perfect since it converts so easily.
This is truly a tremendous asset to my art practice.
Thank you again.
Annie Watkins

Annies's easel is a MPH

Hi Jeff,
after using your easels for a few years, I thought it is probably time to write back to tell you how good they are :)

Thank you for the excellent work - I am sending a small photo as a proof :)
(and I have also put a link to 'easels galore' on my web site

Best regards,
Annael (Anelia Pavlova) - Easel looks like a H frame made form Oregon, design has since changed. I expect this easel is at least 7 to 8 years old at time of receiving photo.

Hi Jeff,

The easels worked perfectly last week. I've attached a photo of them in use. There's also a few more of them with the rest of the exhibition on my blog:

Thanks again! - -Caitlin -

The easels are ABHL1600White display easels You should check out Caitlins site, some of the best pet photographs I have ever seen!


As you can see, the easel looks perfect with our art. Our new home is uniquely configured with one art deco wall, another wall with a high window, a third "wall" which is glass doors and then no fourth wall as the lounge room opens into the dining. There was no place to hang our painting. Finding your website was fate! The promptness with which you addressed my questions and provided me with the information I needed to make my decision was very fast. I appreciated your communication on where I was in the "queue" and in your process of building our easel. It's hard to believe that you were able to craft exactly what we needed and have it to us in less than a week. The instructions for assembly were very clear and the easel is so well made - I thank you for both. I wish you all the best.

Candice Smith -Easel is a black DSD1800B

Hello Jeff,

Could you please send me 2 more of the easels. We are so impressed with the compact easel we have decided to get one for each of our trainers. Rather than putting a big wooden easel in the 4wd and tying it down (unpractical ) we can slot this compact little easel into one of the draws in the 4wd.


Marian Rogan
Brisbane Hinterland 4wd
p: (02) 6736 5682

Hi Jeff,

Sorry it has taken me so long to send photos. I have some others but I am yet to exhibit the works so I don't really want to put them out there! But here's one straight after construction and one inside my studio .Thanks, the easel is working out well.


Rachael Hooper - the easel is a HBH1800 with an extended centre shaft.

Hi Jeff,

The easels fitted so beautifully in with the rustic vintage theme! Three people asked me on the night where I got them from, so I hope I could generate some business for you.

Take care. Greetings Marina - The easels were DL size in Jarrah.

Daniel Griffiths has purchased easels from me over a number of years . Here is his studio. Daniel is one of the top 10 photographers in Australia. This multi award winning photographer personally shoots every wedding. He is a born and trained photographer. Daniel also extends himself beyond weddings: baby and family portraits. From the high profile to the humble Australian, Daniel's passion stems from a desire to capture the moment before it passes. His attention to detail is esteemed by his colleagues and cherished by his clients.heck out his marvelous web site. and contact Daniel for top quality photography.

The Victorian Minister for Water, Peter Walsh MP presented a FFHVM easel in Jarrah, to the Chairman of GMW Water, Barry Clugston following his last official Board meeting on Wednesday 7 September 2011. Barry has been Chairman of the region's water authority for the past 11 years(Grampians Water from September 2000 to June 2004 and GWM Water from July 2004 to 30 September 2011).

Barry has also participated as a member of Vic Water Council and our local Wimmera Catchment Management Authority to 30 June 2009. He has experience in natural resource management across western Victoria particularly in bio diversity, salinity and landcare areas. Barry also has a passion for artwork, cycling and nature.

Hi Jeff - sorry it has taken so long to send you a pic of your easel in my studio but finally got around to it. I have had an exhibition to paint for so that took a lot of my time. But done and dusted now. I am absolutely thrilled with both easels and love working on them - the only problem is I now have got them dirty. ( just joking) I tell all who ask about easels to buy one from you.
Hope all is well and your not working too hard!!
Gerry Jensen - Gerry's easel is a FFH400 the other one is a DTWCH

Wow, finally an easel and a beautiful
hand-made one at that!!

Rhonda's Easel is a FFH400

Hi Jeff;
We are very happy with our easel and the RRG timber matches a number of RRG pieces in the room perfectly.

Thanks and Regards ;Peter Cheeseman
. - Peter's A Frame is a one off made of River Red Gum

Wedding Display at the Grand Pearl Seafood Restaurant, Canley Vale Sydney. Book a table with Ken Ouy - 02 97236888, you will not be disappointed. The easel is a Black Aluminum.

Hi there,

I am halfway through the Chapel St Precinct, Art Town art exhibition, so I thought I would show the progress so far. I had such a great weekend in the sun doing what I love and watching the street-life of Windsor unfold.


If you look at the left hand photo you will note David is painting with a FFHVM easel


I have finally finished the Chapel st artwork after four sessions of outdoor painting. The people I met during the process were really fantastic and supportive, some even stopping to pose for the painting, thanks specially to Colin (front and centre) who was a true Windsor local!

Regards, David

Dear Jeff,

I set up my new easel on the weekend. Thanks for all the advice in the detailed instructions, I got the exact glue that you suggested and it has worked a treat.

Regards Ashleigh Michael - Easel is an ABHL1800 with top mount

Hi Jeff,

Thank you we received the easels and our Technicians delivered to client this morning and have taken these photos attached.

Kind Regards, Suzie - Easels are ABHL1800 with top mount.

360 Facility Management -If you’ve got better things to do than building support and maintenance, 360 Facility Management can take care of everything for you professionally, cost effectively and seamlessly.

Hello Jeff,
The new easel arrived just before Christmas and was easily assembled. I am very pleased with the ease of operation of the counterweight apparatus.
Nicky Dickson ---Nicola bought a HCH1600 counterweighted H frame, she also has a very wonderful web site, check out her gorgeous art.

Greetings Jeff,

Here are some pics of the easel in use. I have a very small studio space and the easel fits perfectly. It's the best investment I have made in my art to date!

Let me know if the pics come through OK. I hope they can be of use to you.

Cheers, Kay Bridge
Kay purchased a HCH1600 counterweighted H frame.

Thanks again, the easels looked really great at our event over the weekend!

Claire - AustralianGT

The easels are Silver Aluminum Easels, Very popular for display.

Hi Jeff,

It has been a few weeks now since you delivered the new studio easel. As you remember it was the HBK 1800.with optional tray and palette holders. I started using the easel from day one and have been over the moon with it. It is rock solid, which helps you to work Very precise if need be. Adjusting is a breeze. My previous easel was an a frame, which I now use for displaying and drying painting. Changing to the new easel is going from a Volkswagen to a Bentley; pure class.

Thanks Jeff, you are a star!!

Cheers, Hans

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for the confirmation. The package arrived at 7:30am this morning and we, i.e. Nathalie and I are delighted with the easels. Their simplicity is elegance itself and the wood and wood working is beautiful.

Thanks again,

Mark Purchased 320mm small easels for his wedding menu's and will ultimately use them to display photographs.



Hi Jeff

Thank you again for your beautiful book stand. I am so glad that I chose the Grey Iron Bark wood. It is very strong and looks fantastic. The Koran sits perfectly on it. Time frame and delivery was spot on and the price was even better. Whoever sees the stand is taken away with amazement. Book stands like these are very hard if not impossible to find. Such a beautiful Koran deserves a beautiful stand. Thank you again Jeff.

Kind Regards

Ali Hijazi

This is a Freestanding Book Stand with a 820x500mm solid top made from Grey Iron Bark to hold a copy of the Koran. Many thanks Ali!!

Hi Jeff,
We have just had the easels put together and they look great!!
Good on you.
The first art tutor that saw them also thinks they are awesome.
Hopefully we will be able to get more from you in future.
Very best,

Alena Russell- Administration Assistant (Monday, Thursday, Friday) Ku-ring-gai Art Centre

- Ku-ring-gai purchased HBH1800 - H frame easels, they later ordered more!

Hi Jeff

Thank you for the prompt arrival of my fantastic table easel. I love it!
Attached a few pictures of your easel in use - a couple of my current projects.
Now that I have seen your work I would like to order another easel.

My easel family will be complete... looking forward to your wonderful craftsmanship.


Lorraine Feillafe

Lorraine ordered a DTWCH - desktop horizontal to vertical easel.

The photos Lorraine sent me

The stand arrived as promised last Friday and I have finally attached
some photos of the display. Everyone comments on how great it looks -
so thank you.

Kind regards.

Vera Karpowicz. -

Burwood Council, Burwood NSW

Hi Jeff, The easel arrived safely today (you alone must keep the bubble wrap factory in business :-)

I immediately - and with great excitement - assembled it. I had no trouble at all putting it together. And took your advice and used good wood glue.
This easel is just beautiful: sturdy extremely well made with all the artist's needs catered for. Thanks so much Jeff. (To think for the last years I've been painting on a small aluminum specimen with one leg!)
Your easel couldn't be more of a contrast. The easels I've looked at in art shops are flimsy and cheap looking whereas yours are entirely
different: solid and high quality. I can't stop smiling :)))

I'll be happy to send you a photo of the easel in use for your website.

Thanks again!

Kind regards, Jahara

The easel is a HBH2000 with tray and palette holder .I use 100 metres of 1.5 metres wide bubble wrap every month!!! I like to make sure the easels arrive undamaged. - Jeff

> Hi Jeff,
> the easels are great! The displays look fantastic and are getting a
> lot of comments. I've attached a couple of photos to show you how I'm
> using them.
> I'd like to order a few more of the original standard ones too.
> 12 more of the 220mm ones and 2 more of the 320 mm ones.
> Hope all is well in Victoria land.
> cheers
> Warren -Embiggen Books
>Warren initially ordered 32 small double sided easels for books for his bookshop. Then placed a second order.

Dear Jeff,

the easel arrived yesterday morning - very quick delivery. I have assembled it and am using it already. It is really good and very easy to move around and also very
handsome, so well constructed. It will make painting a joy. Thank you very much,

Helen - Helen ordered a HHV2100

Hi Jeff I've been meaning to drop you a line to say thank you for the prompt delivery of the easel. It looks great and shows off the book to perfection. My father was most impressed. So again, many thanks Regards Cathy

This is Cathy's easel with the book she is referring to above. It is a model DBX


Hi Jeff,
The easel has arrived safe and sound. Thank you for your great service
prompt delivery. I'm just off to put it together now.



This HBH1800 is the second easel Ronnie Harris has purchased from me. The first was 3 years ago.

Hi Jeff,

The easel arrived today.

It looks fantastic, but I must say I was surprised at how pale the wood colour is. If I decide that I want to deepen the colour a little, is there a product that you would recommend?


Anne Maree Newbery
Hamilton Qld 4007

Anne Maree ordered a ABHL1800 in Vic. Ash, this wood is not so dark when freshly sanded, but does darken with age. I do offer easels in a choice of stains and natural woods.

Hi Jeff, Thought you’d like to see your easel, sitting pride of place at the front of my little ‘boutique’ at the Rocks Market. Earring sales are definitely UP! Cheers, Nikki

You can see Nilkki's designs on her web site: She has a stall at "The Rocks" market in Sydney , on Saturdays and Sundays, well worth a visit. Easel is a black DSD1800B

Top Shots Photography uses my Black Aluminum Easels for in store displays. The following tells you all about Top Shots. If you are looking for a photographer, consider them.

Top Shots Photography specialize in Corporate/ Commercial, Photography as well as weddings and family portraiture. Their unique style of work has made us one of Victoria’s favorite photographers.heir studio is conveniently located in Endeavor Hills, a short distance from Melbourne and for customers living in the regional areas they also photograph in over 60 country locations throughout Victoria and Southern NSW.

Please feel free to call their office on (03) 9700 6658 to find out if they are photographing in or near your town.

When you display a Top Shots photograph in your home, you can be sure that your visitors will admire and say "Wow I love that". See their work on

Click on the photo to see more .

Hi Jeff
The easel is brilliant!
Because the easel is on casters, I can leave the extension piece on, and relocate the easel. I need the extra height for the 6-foot canvas.
As you can see, I work sitting down a lot these days. Being able to adjust the height of the painting in seconds is just fantastic. Previously I relied on the old dentists chair for adjustment. The two combined is terrific!
In the photos, I have tried to show WHY I bought the easel, showing me "working" at various heights and adjustments.

Brian Deagon

Brian has a HCH 2000 with tray, he lives in Queensland. He has an impressive web site! Brian E Deagon's Art of Australia well worth a visit.

Hi Jeff,

thank you for the easel it's great. Arrived beautifully packaged at lunch time today. Very hard to find a suitable place to photograph it without other things around. Tried moving heaps of stuff but these photos are the best I could do. At least you can see how well the books will look on it. The permanent place for it will be in my little library the close up of the book was taken in there and it looks great against the dark plum wall. Unfortunately I don't have a whole wall without immoveable objects in there so had to move it to the paler walls of the hall.

Thank you again, I'm thrilled with it.


Patricia Boyle.

Patricia ordered a WIB1750 easel for a book, it is painted in an antique gold colour.

Hello Jeff,

Just wanted to thank you for supplying us with the beautiful easel in such quick time, we are very impressed with its design, as is my cat who thinks the tray was designed specifically for her to sleep on. I cant wait to start using it!

Thanks again,

Becc Orszag - Becc received a H Frame Standard, Student model and tray for her birthday.

Great easel. Arrived safely. Packaging more difficult to remove than the easel was to put together.


Chris Comerford - Chris purchased an AMK2100 with tray

Dear Jeff,
This was a perfect fit. See attached
Many thanks.
We certainly are happy to recommend you to any others requiring such
Terry Price

The easel is 750 mm high , built to his dimensions.

Dear Jeff,
the easel arrived intact and it is now assembled and in use and I'm delighted. My easel is a quality product. Now all
I have to do is maintain the standard of the easel on the easel!
Thanks again,
Rex Merten

Rex ordered a HIH1800

Hi Jeff As promised here is an example of my art work. You can see why I needed
such a large easel. The easel is great. Thanks. Ray

Ray's easel is an oversized DTWCH full tilt desktop easel.

Jeff, it is utterly wonderful. Worth every cent and well worth the wait. It is magnificent Thank you, Liz .
Liz from South Australia, ordered a HCH1600 - counterweighted H frame. - delivery at the time was 3 weeks.

Hi there, Jeff
Thanks for sending this link. I was lucky enough to receive the easel itself before checking the emails, but now I can send the link to my friends and brag a little. he he.

Thank you so much for this beautiful, special easel. Not only does it look good but it smells magnificent. I really like the idea of having the feel and smell of wood as I do my work. Wow.

I won't actually be using it for real until next week, but for now I can just sit here and admire it. Wonderful.

Thanks again, and all the best from me.
Renée. - Renée ordered a Tilting Book Easel with Solid Top

Dear Jeff,

With much anticipation the
delivery driver left me with (a)- a bubble wrapped body, (b)- a blow-up
doll! It wasn't`t until after my frenzied attack on the bubble wrap, that a
beautiful easel was revealed! Without knowing what I wanted, I received
exactly what I wanted; even down to the oil finished timbers.

To say that I`m happy with
your product is a gross understatement. The quality and finish is second to
none. Furthermore, the mosaic has now been in place overnight to no
detriment of itself or the easel. In other words nothing broke or fell over!

Once again a big Thank you
for both your service and your excellent product. Do keep up the good work.

Best Regards,


PS. I have been trying really hard to
give up my addiction to bubble wrap, but what can I do?, so therapeutic to
pop them all. Grief!


This is the easel and Mosaic (30 Kilogram weight) that Danny was talking about. His reference to bubble wrap: I sent the easel fully assembled as I wanted to make sure there would be no problems due to the weight it would carry. It was wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap, it would take him months to pop it. I liked the humor in his email!!




Hi Jeff,

Please find attached a shot from the Exhibition Stand we've used you easel for.
It looked great and very elegant.

Kind Regards,

Vici Schneyer.

Hi Jeff,

Finally, yesterday, I found the time to put your beautiful easel together with the help of a friend. It looks absolutely wonderful. So easy to move around, and today I got back into a pastel that had been sitting patiently since January to be finished. Can't wait to do my first mosaic on it!Anyway here are a few photos of one of my latest mosaic pieces, this is a table top inspired by Finnish wildflowers on me and my mum's trip to Finland last winter (Finland's summer). As yet I haven;t got legs for it but they should be finished by August. A local artist is making wrought iron legs to suit. So as you can see I will be able to do quite large works on your lovely easel. This table top measure 1.2 m in diameter. Hope you enjoy it, best wishes and thanks again on a job well done!


Iris Ztarr - The easel is a HHV1800 - Horizontal to vertical H Frame

jeff, just received my new easel. it is spectacular. thank you. when i
sell another painting i want another one. great work my friend,
- Manuel is in New York USA he purchased a FFHVX easel. I have asked him to send a photo, which I trust he does.

Hello Jeff,
The easel arrived a few days ago - I am really happy with it. The
instructions for assembly are spot on. It is beautifully made and it works
like a dream. Wow!

I oiled all of the pieces with olive oil prior to assembly just with
the screws to see how it works.In a week or so I will dismantle it and
re-assemble using the special wood glue as well. Thanks again Jeff - its

This email was from Gerard who purchased a HCH2000S Student model

Hi Jeff
The summer art school was a success and for me your easel meant the following: ease of transport; easy to assemble; rock solid, held my board without a wobble or endeavoring to fall sideways; this time no distractions from the easel, the design is excellent. Thank you for a job well done.


Rhonda - Rhonda bought a FFHVM with tilting tray and was looking for a stable versatile easel!!

Jeff - I got the easel from Dominic, my neighbor arrived in
> great shape, no problem...the workmanship & beauty of the wood was beyond
> expectation! thank you. A great job.
> Also have the easel-care instructions too.
> Looking forward to the pleasure of many hours of artistic creation on
> "your creation".
> Will contact you perhaps mid 2008 toward another, larger easel.
> Again, from one artist to another...well done!
> Best,
> John Lee - John ordered a Fully Folding 400 with tray and palette holder in Red Australian Hardwood, he lives in the USA

Hello Jeff,

I received my easel today and must say THANKYOU.
From the moment I contacted you, your service was outstanding.
However it is the easel itself that has stolen your limelight!
What a lovely thing it is.
A work of art.
Something I will very much enjoy using.

Thank you very much and I wish you all the best.
Carena Harvey
Perth WA

Dear Jeff;

your package arrived safely here in Texas today. The easels are as good as the originals I have had for a time.

Thank you very much for the fine workmanship and the expeditious handling of the order.


Dear Jeff,

The easel arrived safe and sound this morning .
It is a beautiful artifact . well packed with terrific instructions
and the
timber is superb - I'll have to stop as I'm running out of superlatives.

Many , many thanks.

Merry Christmas to you too and I hope that we can do business
again at some future date.


Patrick M. - Patrick ordered an ABKL1800 easel in Red Australian Hardwood.

Hi Jeff ... thought I would let you know that my easel arrived safe and
sound today... although ... the poor little courier guy nearly burst a few
valves carrying it up the stairs. It sure is a solid sturdy easel.

I didn't get a chance to put it together myself. My future son - in law
pounced on it and assembled it for me ... and did a good job of it too. ( I
had no trouble finding the glue)

Anyhow... I would like to say that it is a truly beautiful easel. Thank you.
It is everything that I imagined and more. I love it... and so do the
cats... grrrrr. They think every new thing that arrives in this house is
theirs. Typical cats. gotta love em. ( They had heaps of fun with the bubble
wrap too.)

Well ... if I hear of anyone considering purchasing a good quality easel I
will most certainly be letting them know about your work.

Thanks again. Sincerely ... Kath Hulowatyi - Kath ordered a H frame in Red Hardwood which is very heavy!!!!!!!!!


Many thanks for the easel, I received it on Wednesday night and put it
together last night. The first thing I noticed with the easel components
was that they were very solid, and beautifully crafted.

I got the easel together no worries after some initial problems due to
my own shortage of handy skills. The easel is very functional and easy
to use.
The easel is very sturdy and will serve me well for many years to come.

I would also like to thank you Jeff for personally customizing my
HBH1800mm to take canvases up to 2000mm in height which was very
important in the selection of my easel.

In itself the easel is a beautifully constructed design and would
recommend it to anyone who requires a hard wearing, and functional

Good work mate, ill be coming to you for my custom super easel in a few

From: Hugh Walker - Melbourne. - Hugh ordered a Standard H Frame with wedge mounts and a longer centre shaft.

Dear Jeff,

Easel arrived today and assembled beautifully.
Thank you for for doing such a great job and for being
so professional. The easel looks wonderful - I can't
wait to get started on it.

All the best with future sales and your own art
Kynan. Kynan from Castlemaine ordered a Spotted Gum Centre slide easel.(HSSG1600)

Dear Jeff,

The easels arrive late this afternoon, safe and sound! They are exactly
what I was hoping for - I will be using them to display two pieces of art
which I have purchased from two local artists here in Adelaide. Your
craftsmanship is divine and I love the colour and tones of the Spotted Gum.
They will be a perfect accompaniment to my two pieces.

Once I get settled in Melbourne, and unpack all my chattels, I'll take some
photographs with the art and easels together, and e-mail to you.

I look forward to enjoying them both for many, many years to come.

With kind regards,

Simon - Simon purchased two fully folding Spotted Gum easels.

Hello Jeff,

This is to thank you very much for your beautiful easels! I was away on
leave when they arrived in January and have been distracted with other

Last Sunday we used them for the first time for our Family Day outside
in the park, the first of this monthly event.
They were a pleasure to use. Most of the artists were children and the
sliding adjustable height was wonderfully user-friendly, and low enough
for the smallest child.
We were surprised at how many kids went for the easel painting, but I
reckon beautiful equipment inspires confidence. I think I'll have to buy
one myself.

Thanks again!
Kind regards,


MaryRose Riley
Education Officer
Albury Regional Art Gallery - They purchased 10 A frames in oiled red hardwood Model ABK1900 in Jan 2006

hi jeff
just wanted to let you know that the easel has arrived safely and in good
condition...have just about finished assembling it and it looks brilliant!
looking forward to using it for real......the wood looks really lovely, beautiful

thanks a lot for all your help...may look at the extended tray and palette sometime, just
glad to get my easel up and running.....

chris - Chris is in the UK and bought a Jarrah H frame

Hi Jeff i received the easel today!! Wow! It is better than in the picture!!
> It is so good and the quality is great, im glad i didn't buy one from the
> shop. Thanks for a great job i will always recommend you to everyone.
> Top Job
> Thanks a million
> Corey Hindmarsh - Cory ordered a AZH1900 with tray.

Hi Jeff,
> My easel has arrived, been constructed, and looks & feels really great.
> Thanks for the easy purchase and fast delivery and easy assembly.
> I look forward to many hours of painting at it.
> Thank you & kind regards
> Donata Jones - Donata bought a HBH1800 ( H frame) and is in Sydney

Hi Jeff,
We received our easel today, it looks fantastic, and you have done a great
job with it. Thank you for all your help and best wishes for the future.
Kind Regards,
Megan - Megan works for the Bridgewater Aged Care Facility and they purchased a wrought iron easel for a heavy glass plaque weighing 20 to 30 kilos.

Hi Jeff,

Easel has arrived and am very happy with it. Our wedding album looks
really great on it and I love the combination of the Blackbutt and

Also got your phone message, was nice to see the easel on your website
so thanks for that.

Thanks for your time and workmanship


Michael & Helen-Maree - They ordered a freestanding book easel for a 6 kilo wedding album, I made it in Blackbutt and Turpentine woods. It this easel.


Dear Jeff
I am writing to thank you for your exceptional service and quality of product/
The easel arrived on Friday promptly as promised.
many thanks again
Dr Debbie Hamilton

Hi Jeff

Just a quick one as have to rush out
Easel arrived yesterday
But only now had time to assemble it
(no glue yet)
It really is a terrific design
Being able to adjust the working height so easily
Tilt the canvas forward and back
The tray and canvas rest great distance
And no tap dancing with feet.
Great weight but easy to maneuver
Cube locking knobs
And in jarrah

Thanks so much for your talent

Best regards

Philip - Phillip bought a HCJ1600 which is a counterweighted Jarrah H frame.

HI Jeff,,
You may recall that I purchased your last "H" frame easel (sanded but unfinished) on Tuesday 20/9/05 just as you were about to move out of the Hampton Street residence. I bought it for my wife's birthday on the following day. I oiled it with Olive oil. She was thrilled to receive it and is so pleased with its sturdiness and beautiful craftsmanship. I was also most impressed as I am also an artist - I paint aircraft and I'm the President of the Australian Society of Aviation Artists. I am also the Editor of the Newsletter and I was very pleased to include an article on your easels in this newsletter. I will be posting a copy to you tomorrow and I hope that you enjoy it.
Brian Evans

Dear Jeff,

I sat around admiring the magnificent craftsmanship of just the pieces of wood today, wonderfully shaped and sanded. My husband was out working and I had to wait for him to pick up the glue that you had recommended. When he arrived home with the tradesman glue he assembled your wonderful piece of art as I did not trust myself with stronger-than-a-glue-stick glue combined with screwdriver. Watching it being put together I am confident that when I buy another easel I wont be waiting for my husband, amidst his admiring comments on how well your easel was made I was content that I had made a great decision to order one from you.

I loved the personal touch that had been lacking in the hundreds of easels in numerous art stores that I had searched, I loved that you signed it and that it still had sawdust in the screw holes. I am a fan forever, Jeff, you surely know your craft. The cube knobs are a great touch.

I am amazed at how beautiful it looks, thank you for superseding my expectations. I will be sure to recommend you to every artist I know.

Kind Regards
Hana Kemp (a fan forever)


hi jeff,

i just wanted to say thank you a million for your great easel.
i have just finished my first master piece (well it is definitely
different than all the others) and still got paint on my hands, but
thought it more important to send you this message :)
thanks to you it was so much easier, and my back doesn't hurt for once :)
i haven't had much time to paint recently, but i still "visited" my easel
most days to say hello.
it is such a beautiful thing to have and i cant rave enough about it -
even to people who don't paint :)
many thanks jeff.


hope the packing/moving isn't too stressful

Comment from Jeff: I moved to Mt Eliza on 22 September 2005 it was an experience I do not want to repeat in a hurry.


I just wanted you to know that your product exceeded my expectations. It is great! - Louis Deacon - USA - Louis bought a H frame with tray.

greetings dear jeff, thank you, thank you, thank you, i love it, the easel arrived today. it's up , mark assembled it quite easily. You are quite the craftsman extraordiarre. Djinn {my kitten } certainly won't be able to knock it over. The wood grain is just beautiful. I am very pleased , much appreciated
Karen kelly. - Karen ordered a AZSG1900 ( Spotted Gum A Frame) with tray

Dear Jeff,

Just to let you know the new easel is great and had a fair workout last weekend.

Thank you again so much for making it quickly.

kind regards


ps My next exhibition opens at Lynne Wilton gallery (High st Armadale) on Tuesday 14
November 6-8 pm and runs for 12days.

This is from Vicky Watts, she owned a HCH1600 and needed a FFH600 at short notice, and I was able to do it for her. Vicky also ordered a HCH2000


Hi Jeff,

Thank you so much for the quick turn around, quality product and for
something that is getting rarer by the day - personal service.

I ordered an FF600 in Jarrah as an anniversary present for my wife, but
like most people, I left it to the last minute. With a week to spare, I
made contact to enquire about availability among other finer product
details. Despite not having any stock available, so comfortable was I
with your service and expertise that I placed an order the following day
to have it specially made. A week later, a freshly-made easel had
arrived in Sydney from Victoria snugly packed in bubble-wrap. It
assembled in less than 5 minutes with no issues and then I stood back to
admire the craftsmanship. Brilliant work.

The web site made the ordering process simple as most details are already
available there. Plus, it provided useful information about the other
models as well as maintenance tips. If I were to buy another easel, I'd
certainly know who to call (though judging by how sturdy this one is
built, it's going to be a while before it will need to be replaced). I
have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your product to anyone.

Many thanks from yet another happy customer.

Kind Regards,
Robert D Ma

.Dear Jeff, Thank you so much for the prompt delivery...It has already been put to work and I am very happy with the result of your easel). I will have no hesitation in placing orders with you in the future and will definitely recommend you to my fellow students at art school. Thanks again. Your craftsmanship is beautiful. Regards
Beverly Filmer NSW
Beverly bought a FF400 in Tasmanian Oak and subsequently ordered a FFH200


Your instructions were excellent. I am very pleased with my oregon A-frame
which is now installed under a north facing opening


The easels are wonderful! How very cool and well made. It took me a second to figure out your instructions, but once I did, it was quite easy. I’am going to email my other art friends your web site. Thanks again for the beautiful easels. Maybe when I sell enough portraits to rich people, I’ll be able to afford your more expensive ones. In the meantime I’am quite pleased!
Suzanne Stone NY USA
Suzanne ordered 2 FF200 folding easels

The easels are wonderful! How very cool and well made. It took me a second to figure out your instructions, but once I did, it was quite easy. I’am going to email my other art friends your web site. Thanks again for the beautiful easels. Maybe when I sell enough portraits to rich people, I’ll be able to afford your more expensive ones. In the meantime I’am quite pleased!
Suzanne Stone NY USA
Suzanne ordered 2 FF200 folding easels

Hi Jeff
Our Easels arrived today and we love them. They look fabulous. Thank you very much for a wonderful job.
Cheers Glen and Cathy - Sydney
They ordered 2 A frames in Tasmanian Blackwood

Dear Jeff,
its here, and all I can say is WOW!! The wood is beautiful, the design is simple, elegant and functional, and it really is much more stable than even larger ones I looked at. Its everything you promised. Thank you so much I am delighted.
Stephanie Stark USA
Stephanie ordered a FF500 in Vic. Mountain Ash

“The easel arrived several days ago and assembled with no problems. Thanks for the diagrams. It’s really fantastic! Great looking and great design. really sturdy. Glad to have found your site on the net. Will pass the information along. Many Thanks. Aloha, Peter R” - Hawaii USA
Please note: Peter ordered a heavy duty A frame in Tasmanian Oak

Dear Jeff,

I picked up my easel from the post office today, and all I can say is what a
work of art. It's absolutely gorgeous. I love the craftsmanship that went
into it. The design is absolutely fantastic; it's so easy to switch from
vertical to horizontal; it was so easy to put together, and I love all the
different ways to configure it. In short I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for
such great service too. I can't believe how quickly it got here. Take care.

Jacqueline -----------Jaqueline ordered a MP horizontal to vertical studio easel with tilt tray.

"The easel I purchased from Jeff Lacey is of the highest quality. It is
very stable and secure, and all the parts fit well together. I had been
looking for a while to buy an easel but hadn't been able to find one in the
shops which were up to my standards. I am very happy with the price I paid
and the advice given to me regarding maintenance".

Linda U. of Melbourne


Just wanted to let you know the easel arrived safely and is very much
appreciated. In fact it is being used as I type this. It is a lovely easel,
a work of art in its own right.

Thanks very much.


Hi Jeff,

A few years back you filled an order for 17 easels for use in our studio here at
Canberra Museum and Gallery. We wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with
the easels you made. They have really had a battering over the past 3 years and
have stood up beautifully. They look (almost) as good as new and we have had no
structural problems with them at all. We use them regularly with our preschool
groups and have never had any problems with them collapsing, even when the kids
give them a good tug. They are easy to clean and look great.

We wanted to thank you for providing such a high quality product. Definitely worth
the investment!

Lisa DeSantis
Senior Education Officer
Canberra Museum and Gallery
Ph: (02) 6207 2234
Fax: (02) 6207 2177

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