Television Easel or Stand


This is a dedicated, strong, Television Easel that folds for storage and transport. It is a heavy duty stable platform that enables you to mount a television vertically without the need to attach it to the wall or sit it on a large cabinet. A television wall mount is used to attach the TV securely to the easel. The top and bottom mounts of the easel are for show only. You can option your own package.


A Frame TVA1600 TV easel with rear mounted tray. Tray can also be front mounted. You can order a shorter easel TVA1400

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Basic TV Model TVH1600. Castors are an option. Television is attached using a standard wall mount.

All options fitted, 2 trays, top mount bottom mount and centre shaft.

Painted white, one tray , top and bottom mount. Easel is 1.6 metres tall but can be mede shorter.

Easel with blu ray player, sound bar and television.

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Pricing - Option up your own package

Model TVH1600 Oiled Victorian Ash $370 - Easel is 1.6 metres tall but can be made shorter.

Add: Centre shaft $35, top mount $30, bottom mount $35, tray $135, Nylon Castors $25 HD castors with ball bearing pivot and rubber tyres $80 Television Wall Mount - needed to attach TV to easel. $40 - you can buy your own wall mount from your television retailer, Ebay has plenty.

Painted Black or silver add $200 to $270 depending on options. Painted White or Gold add $250 to $320 depending on options. Can also be supplied ready to paint for less than the above prices. Please ask.

Also available in Merbau and Australian Red Hardwood at extra cost.

Want to do some work yourself? I can supply the easel sanded and ready to paint, oil or stain at a lower price, please ask ..

Easel will be shipped Partially Assembled.

Model TVA1400 - 1.4 metres tall A Frame tripod design in Oiled Victorian Ash $265

Model TVA1600 - 1.6 metres tall A Frame tripod design in Oiled Victorian Ash $275

Add: Top mount $30 Bottom mount $35 Rigid rear leg $30 nylon castors $30 ( 0nly with a rigid rear leg) sound bar $35 (90 mm front to back 600mm side to side) Tray $135 . Painted white $130 to $170 depending on accessories. Painted black $110 to $150 depending on accessories, can be painted other colours.

Delivery - TVH 1600 partially assembled, TVA1600 fully assembled.

Melbourne Metro -$40, - Victorian country $55

Sydney $65 - NSW country up to $130 depending on Post code.

Adelaide $65 - S. A. country up to $150 depending on Post code

ACT - $75

Brisbane/Gold Coast/parts of Sunshine Coast - $75 - Queensland country up to $160 depending on Post Code.

Perth - $100 - WA country up to $180 depending on post code.

Tasmania - $100

Please add $15 for a tray.

If in doubt please ring Jeff for a delivery quote 0425734215

Red Hardwoods and Merbau may cost more to deliver due to increased weight. Please ask for prices. When easels are sent to a private home please advise a secure place where the parcel can be left, if no one is home. There is full internet tracking on the parcel to tell you when it is going to be delivered.


The surface of the easel is flat for attachment of a television wall mount which can be bolted or securely screwed to the easel.

The uprights of the Easel are strongly braced and fixed at vertical, you can tilt the television using a tilting television wall mount.

Height of sides, without castors 1440mm, please add 60 mm for castors. You can specify higher or lower sides at no extra cost.

Height of centre shaft 1740mm please add 60 mm for castors. you can ask for a shorter or taller center shaft at no cost.

Overall with of base 665mm.

Depth of base 600mm

Width of uprights 555mm

Tray 740mm wide 263 mm front to back.

Finish is fine sanded and Oil ve oil, You can ask for other finishes such as clear spray enamel at extra cost.

Wood is Victorian Ash, hardwood.nobs are Victorian River Red Gum. All bolts and screws ape plated and rust resistant.

The easel is designed to be glued and screwed. All screws nuts provided. You have to supply glue for assembly, it costs approximately.$13 at Hardware stores. The glue is cross linking PVE, not ordinary PVA, details sent with easel..

The TVH1600 easel will be sent partially assembled. In the workshop it is fully assembled, then all cross bars are removed and the joints are outlined and labeled for shipping. You can collect fully assembled easels from Mt Eliza. The TVA1600 easel can be sent fully assembled for a small additional cost to cover the freight.

Above dimensions are nominal and can be changed at any time. Please ask.



Hi Jeff,

Please see the photo attached - hope it suits what you have in mind for you website.


Ruby ordered a TVA1600 easel. It has an optional tray, top mount and bottom mount. If she turns the tray upside down it increases surface area for a PVR etc.

TVA 1600 with sound bar , tray, top and bottom mount.

White TV easel in a Redfern Property development.

Hello Jeff,

Renovating hasn't been easy. I'm still going and waiting for my electrician to put
another tv port so the easel looks a little untidy with the cords but I'm still very happy and love it!! I got my neighbor to put it together for me lol he had all the tools!! I am passing your details onto anyone that asks

I hope you are well and thank you once again for the most beautiful easel tv I have
ever seen!! :)

Best regards



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