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Your easel is warranted for life from defects in materials and manufacture. You are also expected to look after it as outlined below. I generally also fix reasonable minor accident damage for no charge. These easels are really built to last and it is very unusual for me to ever see one again. If there is a problem with your easel return it to me and I will fix it. I will pay for reasonable return freight costs.

Maintaining Your Easel.

Your easel, and this applies to all easels , not just mine, needs to have a little care and attention during its life. My easels will last indefinitely with a minimum of attention.

Oiling, If You Bought an Un Oiled Easel

If You bought an unoiled easel it must be oiled, follow the supplied instructions, if you have lost them, do the following. Get a bowl and put in about a cup of olive oil. Wear Latex gloves. Soak a rag in the oil, a piece of old T shirt or part of a bed sheet are best, soak the rag in the oil and wipe all over the easel, making sure plenty gets on the end grain and into any slots on the easel body. Leave the easel over night, or if you want to use it immediately wipe over with a dry rag after 10 minutes.

After a few years, depending on the location of the easel, the oil may need touching up. Dampen a rag in olive oil and wipe it onto the surface, paying particular attention to end grain. You will know when it is ready for oil, when the wood starts to look dull or bleached or pale.

Service Your Easel Every Two Years.

Periodically, say every 2 years give the easel a service, check all bolts are tight and all screws are tight, put a drop of light machine oil on knob threads, and any other moving parts like legs and clamp pivots. It would be a good idea to oil your easel at the same time so wipe it over with a rag dampened in olive oil paying particular attention to the end grain.

Why Olive Oil?

Olive oil does not sit on the surface of the easel like many other types of oil, it actually penetrates the wood. It also lubricates moving parts. It protects the wood and gives good colour to the wood that lasts many years. Because it does not sit on the surface of the wood it cannot scratch when you move mounts up and down. If you put plenty of the Olive Oil on the wood you will find oil based paints will peel or scrape off when they dry. Do Not try to wipe off wet oil paint. Olive oil is also a nice natural product, it does not smell and I have never heard of anyone being allergic to it.

Counterweighted Easels

Counterweighted easels or any easel that has moving parts that slide against each other, such as my centre slide easels or opposition wind up easels, benefit from regular lubrication. The less friction in the system, the easier they are to work. On the surfaces that slide against each other or where the canvas slides against wood, the surface needs to be smooth and slippery. If there is a build up of surface oil impregnated with dust, this must be removed by spraying with CRC, Wd40 or similar then wiping off with a clean rag. If the surfaces still do not feel smooth and slippery, take a piece of 400 grit sandpaper and rub them until smooth. Then apply a coat of lubricant. The best is dry spray silicone or dry spray lubricant, such as used for curtain tracks. It does not attract dust. The next best is a light machine oil, or sewing machine oil, that you buy from your local supermarket. Apply it with a rag to the surfaces. CRC WD40 or similar also work well. If you have a wind up mechanism, oil it with light machine oil.



Phone Jeff Lacey at Easels Galore: 0425734215 email:jeff@easelsgalore.com.au ABN 88 108 289 212

To place an order:

You can pay by credit card, which is best done over the phone for security reasons. If you nominate a time and tell me your phone number I will ring you for the details. Or you can ring me on 0425734215

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Commonwealth Bank
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BSB Number: 063145
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If you prefer I can send a PDF invoice prior to payment. Tax invoices are always supplied with the shipment.

GST is not included in prices and will not be charge as Easels Galore is GST exempt as of 13/8/21

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