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With Counterweighted easels the painting is clamped into the mounts, then it is easily raised and lowered. The counterweight effectively makes the canvas almost weightless, so you can slide it up and down effortlessly. Perfect for big paintings as you can always have the section you are working on at eye level. All counter weighted easels have a tilt range of plus 3 degrees minus 10 degrees, they fold flat for transport and can be carried by one man. The captive weight can be removed and is in multiple sections for canvases of different weights. Operation by pulleys and wooden counterweight, is light, easy, fast, reliable and smooth. Bottom mounts can be raised and lowered on the main shaft separate to the counterweight to allow for lower ceilings. Easel vertical travel is adjustable to suit ceiling height. Locking knobs top and bottom lock the movement rigid, if required. The movement is simple strong and reliable. All easels have lockable heavy duty, rubber tired metal castors with ball bearing pivots . All H frames fold flat for storage and transport. For Specifications - Click Here.

Also see the Counterweighted fixed angle easel Historical photos of old H Frame designs

With Counterweighted easels you do not need winders or winches because counterweights are fast, easier and a lot simpler, to operate. Counterweights are totally reliable long term. The mechanism uses ball bearing pulley wheels designed originally for Gym equipment that is used hundreds of times a day. The rope is boat mooring rope with 500kg breaking strain, it is also very soft and flexible. There is nothing that should ever wear out.

I have obtained one of the very first counterweighted easels I made about 2004. It is a HCH2000 with tray (see below) made from Recycled Oregon, which I bought off Whelan the Wrecker and came from Victorian era house frames. I have never since been able to get this fabulous wood. The easel needs some work as it has been poorly maintained. I will strip it and refurbish it to bring back the lustre and patina I will also fit the latest pulley wheels and castors. I am of 2 minds whether to keep it or sell it. It cannot be shipped as it is too big and cannot be packaged partially assembled. If you are interested in this easel please let me know. 0425734215 I could deliver it to Melbourne or even perhaps Sydney. There is a photo of a similar but slightly later model easel , scroll to the bottom of this page.

HC1600 - Takes paintings up to 1.6metres deep - (Scroll to bottom of page for larger easels)

HCH1600 easel with optional tray and twin Palette holders at lowest position.

Easel raised itwould normally have premium castors. This is a HCH1600S - Student model with castors deleted.

Easel with optional tray.This is a model HCK1600 in premium Red Hardwood. This easel has a front foot rest.

Easel tilted forward

Easel tilted back

Hi Jeff, The easel turned up safe and sound last week. Many thanks! I love the counterbalance: that and the build quality are all that is promised and more.

Kind regards, Al - Alice Springs.

The palette holders are folded under the tray!

HCH1600 easel with tray and twin palette holders, the ultimate counterweighted H frame. The palette holders fold under the tray when not in use. The HCH comes as standard with premium metal castors woith rubber tyres. They are not fitted in the photo.


Click here to

look at a video which

shows you how the


system works, and a lot more.


When ordering a tray you will also get a separate, adjustable bottom mount. . Specifications - Click Here.

Prices HC1600.
Oiled Victorian Mountain Ash HCH 1600 $1490 - Tray.$155 Palette holders $50 each, Twin Palette holders recommended Front foot rest on base $35 Extension of centre shaft to take 2.0 metre tall canvases. $30.
Oiled Red Premium Hardwood HCK1600 $1770
Trays to suit Red Premium Hardwood -$190 palette holders $60 each. Heavy duty metal ball bearing castors are standard.
To see the Counterweighted fixed angle easel- Click Here

Student version - HCH1600S - $1390 - you must oil this easel. The easel will come fully sanded ready to oil.

Scroll to bottom of page for larger easels!

For Specifications - Click Here

This easel wheels through a standard door. A tray reduces canvas depth by approximately 75 mm. To use the full vertical travel of the easel you need a 3 metre ceiling height, although it will work OK with 2.7 metres, but vertical travel is slightly reduced.

Delivery partially assembled, price per easel for single easel shipment a standardeasel will be delivered in 2 parcels. An easel with a tray will be delivered in 3 parcels..

Melbourne Metro -$60, - Victorian country $120

Sydney $100 - NSW Country up to $190 depending on Post code.

Adelaide $100 - S. A. country up to $190 depending on Post code

ACT - $105

Brisbane/Gold Coast $120 - Queensland country up to $220 depending on Post Code.

Perth $170 - W.A. country up to $250 depending on post code.

Tasmania $1160

Please add $30 to $65 for a tray depending on post code.

Please ring Jeff for a quote if in doubt 0425734215

When easels are sent to a private home please advise a secure place where the parcel can be left, if no one is home. I can usually predict when parcels will arrive in Metro areas however this is not 100% accurate and cannot be fully relied upon. My carrier will not leave a parcel without instructions to do so.

HC2000 Easel- Takes Canvases to 2 metres By 2 Metres - (scroll down the page for an even larger model)

The HC2000 is essentially the same easel as a HC1600 but larger, the wood sections are longer and wider the main frame is increased by 200 mm and the sides are 100 mm taller. You should only consider one of these easels if your studio has a ceiling height of 3 metres plus. It is a seriously big easel and will handle canvases 2metres X 2 metres. Specifications - Click Here.

Standard HCH2000


HC2000 with tray, lowered

HCH2000 with tray,2 palette holders half raised

HCH2000 raised, sides of easel are approximately 1.9 metres tall and shelf to hold canvas approximately 1.35 metres above the floor.

Brian Deagon working at his easel. Brian sent me a series of photos, they were so good I have devoted an entire page to them. Click Here to see more photos from Brian.

Prices HC2000

Oiled Victorian Mountain Ash. HCH2000—$1690

Tray $180 in vic. Ash Palette holders in Vic Ash
$50 each, Twin Palette holders recommended . Heavy duty metal ball bearing castors are Standard. optional front foot rest $40

Student version - HCH2000S - $1590 - you must oil this easel. The easel will come fully sanded ready to oil.

Student versions of Counterweight easels will have some surfaces fine sanded others medium sanded.

Specifications - Click Here.

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HC2400 Easel- Takes canvases 2.4 metres X 2.4 metres

A scaled up version of the counterweighted easel. Sides base cross members and centre slide are all larger sections of wood, but the easel behaves the same way as the H1600. Only to be considered when the ceiling height is 3.6 metres.

These are seriously big easels. I only wish I had better photos of some of the easels I have made over the years. This easel is made form recycled Oregon which I cannot now obtain.

HCK2400 special in the studio of Tim Storrier. Tim orderd 2 of these. The Timber is red Hardwood.

This is a wide special counterweight HC2400 easel, in Victorian Mountain Ash

This is the easel on the left with a HC2000 with tray and palette holder.

Prices HC2400

Oiled Mountain Ash HCH2400 $1940 , tray $190, Other woods, please ask.
palette holders $50 each, Twin Palette holders recommended Heavy duty metal ball bearing castors standard. Optional front foot rest $40. All easels photographed above have foot rests.
Student Version $1840

Specifications - Click Here

Delivery HC2000 and HC2400

Delivery prices are the same as for the HS1600 however the centre shaft will be in 2 sections that join, when sent partially assembled.

I also deliver Melbourne and country Victoria, fully assembled easels, very reasonably. Please ask me.


Phone Jeff Lacey at Easels Galore: 0425734215 email:jeff@easelsgalore.com.au ABN 88 108 289 212

To place an order:

You can pay by credit card, which is best done over the phone for security reasons. If you nominate a time and tell me your phone number I will ring you for the details. Or you can ring me on 0425734215

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Commonwealth Bank
Account name: Easels Galore
BSB Number: 063145
Account number: 10146925

If you prefer I can send a PDF invoice prior to payment. Tax invoices are always supplied with the shipment.

GST is not included in prices and will not be charge as Easels Galore is GST exempt as of 13/8/21

Easels Galore:12 Cordial Lane Yackandandah, Victoria 3749 Australia.

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