Fully Folding Horizontal to Vertical Easel Photos - Page under construction

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Easel folded up

Legs spread but mast not raised

Mast half raised

Mast fully raised

Mast tilted back a little

Mast tilted back further

Mast tilts past horizontal

Mast flat and more central. You would slide it into this position for maximum horizontal support.

Two FFHHVM easels and a FFHHV in the middle

A couple of Red FFHVK easels in front of the easels on the left. The red easels are made from Jarrah and Karri.

This is my latest easel, made from a mixture of Karri and Jarrah, and the last painting I did. The tray is an old prototype in Vic Ash I now use. I regularly sell my personal easels, when I run out of stock.

Two folded easels, a FFHHV on the left and a FFHHVM on the right.

This one was made from a mixture of dark and light hardwood,


An earlier design, before I came up with the single mast.


FFHVX special easel, made from Red Australian Hardwoods. This was an extra heavy duty model and was ordered with a Non Tilting Tray and Palette Holder. Normally you would not put a non tilting tray on a Horizontal to Vertical easel as it can only be used with the easel in the vertical mode. Easel weighs 25 kilos and is 2 metres tall.


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