All my easels are suitable for the youngest children.

Children grow, and my easels accommodate this. The supports for the boards or canvas go very low to accommodate the shortest child and as they grow you simply raise the mount, so even as an adult they will still be able to use the same easel.

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Ruby is 3 years old (my granddaughter) painting on my full sized easel which has a tray and twin Palette holders which she did not need. She is painting on paper on a board. Note it is at a perfect height for her. If necessary the tray could have been lowered more.

Hudson, Ruby,s brother, is helping, he is 18 months. Ruby would have preferred not to have his help.

Hudson was really enjoying himself, Ruby just wants to paint.


A model ABHL1800 is a good easel and with a tray is a good value package, ideal for this application. In reality just about every easel I make would be good for a child, as they are specifically designed to have the mount or tray go close to the floor.

The easiest way to give your child something to paint on is to buy A1 size paper, at an art supply or stationers and then have a board cut at Bunnings or your favorite hardware store. The board will be the same size as the paper. If it is cut from 6mm MDF it will be nice and stiff. Make sure you sand the sharp edges off the board. Hold the paper to the board with 2 large bulldog clips at the top. Clip plenty of sheets of paper to the board and simply tear off or flip over.

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