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Desktop book easels hold books and documents open at any page for display or reference. They are used in libraries, studies, legal offices, universities,kitchens, on desks, coffee tables and mantle pieces. In fact anywhere you need to display a book or document.

Model DBS -300 mm high with 300 mm cross support and one rear leg, on left $50 Choose this easel if your weight is light and the load central. Suitable for paperbacks.

Model DBM -350mm wide and 350mm high with 2 rear legs $75. The twin leg easel will take 4 kilograms and the load can be off centre, within reason, say a book open at the first few pages. books up to 500 mm wide (opened) and 300mm deep.

All book easels available in various woods.

Model DBL for books up to 380mm deep and opened 800mm. The easel holds books up to 6 kilograms. $95

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Model DBX for large, deep, thick books. For books to 460mm deep and 800mm opened. The front support is 66mm useable depth. The easel holds books up to 10 kilograms $125.

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Frame is made from 19X19mm hardwood, 500 mm maximum frame width, with a useable 30mm deep (Model DB) or useable 66 mm (Model DBX) front lip to support the book.

I can make these easels in Victorian Ash, Red Hardwoods, spotted Gum and any other wood in stock. Finish is non yellowing clear acrylic spray paint.

. Other woods on request. All easels in the photos are made from Forest Red hardwood. I can also change dimensions, if required, for multiple easel orders. Easels can be painted any colour at extra cost. I am always available on the telephone or email to discuss your particular requirements.

Click to see desktop tilting book easel with solid top. Ideal for documents and magazines. Face tilts from almost vertical to almost horizontal. Available in various woods.


Delivery $15 to $50 to most of Australia, for 1 unit, multiple easel delivery costs less, per easel. When easels are sent to a private home please advise a secure place where the parcel can be left, if no one is home. I can usually predict when parcels will arrive in Metro areas however this is not 100% accurate and cannot be fully relied upon. My carrier will not leave a parcel without instructions to do so.






Home Freestanding book easel Desktop easels

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