Abtracts and Beach Boxes


I also enjoy playing around with abstracts, I love the swirl of colour, the form and the brighter the colour, the better. It depends on how I feel at the time.

Please do not ask what this is, I was just playing with colour and form. it was something I saw in my mind at the time.

This is a bit different, from my early years, I did this when I was in the late 20's, it is a drip painting in enamel on board, it really glows and is one of my favorites

If you asked me my favorite colour I would say blue. I have many paintings that are predominately blue.


In 1997 I was very productive, I did this one from a black and white photo, but I did change things a lot

My grandfather died in 1998 and I painted this the day after he died, It is quite large, 100cm wide. I used a 25mm brush. I actually painted a lot of this on site at Brighton, There is some sand in the paint!

Another painting from a photograph, I have done very few birds and animals.

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