Jeff's Art Site - This site is under development. I have a lot more paintings than these but they are in storage as I do not have a studio since I moved and have also not painted as easel making keeps me too busy.


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I am a self taught artist who is only interested in pleasing one person with art, and that is me. I do it for pure and simple pleasure, nothing else really. I tend to paint in patches. I love oils, I love the way you can push them around the canvas and change textures, tones and colour's. I like to paint wet on wet and most of the recent things I have done are in one session. I like painting people, faces really fascinate me. Landscapes have never done anything to motivate me at all, but I like to daub the occasional abstract.


The paintings in this web site are a small example of my output over the years. When this site is finished you will be able to click on the paintings to get an enlargement but for now the small photos will have to do.



Self portrait 97, Oil on canvas.

I painted this old man twice, the original was a black and white newspaper photo.

I changed the colour in this one but it has not reproduced accurately in this photograph. These are roughly 800mm X600mm

I guess the most interesting subject to me is a nude woman. They are all different and capturing the the flow of the body is a real challenge. I always try to include faces, hands and feet, when appropriate, as I feel not to include them is offering an incomplete painting. The ones below were also painted in the later part of the 90's about the time I started making easels. I was painting at the Brighton Art Society where they had long poses over several weeks.


This is a relatively small Painting of my partner, Meredith from 1996

I like painting nudes, much more interesting than trees, although they never seem to be able to return to the exact same position each time the pose is resumed. In that respect trees would be easier. This is from 97 also

This is the same model as the painting on the left, I like bold colour sometimes, this one looks quite luminous in real life.

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