Heavy Duty Folding Aluminium Easel

Heavy Duty Premium Compact Folding Aluminum Easel for Display or Art. - Model EBAL

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This heavy duty aluminum folding easel was specially made for Easels Galore, it has many features you simply do not see in other Aluminum easels. It is tall, at 1.92 metres maximum but can be set at any height. Anything from a tiny 200mm tall up to to 1.4 metres tall can be clamped into the easel. The shelf is fully adjustable and has a groove to hold core flute boards solidly in place and the same applies to drawing boards, single and double thick canvases. The shelf sits firmly in place and does not sag forward, non slip feet are 30mm diameter and pivot easily for a good grip. The leg hinge is very solid and the easel holds up to 10 kilos. The construction is ribbed aluminum for strength and lightness. The top clamp is heavy duty. The strap that holds the shelf to the easel when folded is fully removable via a buckle. The carry bag is a good quality cloth with ribbed seams and a wide carry strap. Overall this is a high quality product. I exhaustively researched a supplier for these easels and paid top money to get a quality product. I am delighted with these easels and you will be too.

If you go to my Customers Photos Page you will find quite a lot of photos of this model in use.

Just arrived, aluminium trays to fit any folding aluminium easel to hold palette, brushes etc. Photos will be put on web site soon.


A high quality, sturdy, well made and very versatile easel.

Canvas is 1.2 metres x 1.2 metres, clamped top and bottom.

You can set the easel at different heights and the shelf is fully adjustable over a huge range.

Shelf does not sag towards the front, has a groove to hold boards and takes canvases up to double thick. Note easy to adjust toggle catches. on shelf and leg.

A good quality carry bag is supplied.

EBAL in a BMW dealership Photo by David Smouha.

Have a look at customers photos for more photographs of these easels in use. If you want to display 2 painting on the one easel the model EHVAL is ideal.

Model EBAL $70

Optional Aluminium Tray $18 inc GST Tray fits onto mounting points and replaces standard bottom shelf..

Delivery: Melbourne $15, Sydney, Adelaide $18, Brisbane/Gold/Sunshine Coasts $22, Tasmania and Perth $25. Country areas please ask, as it varies with location. Freight includes GST The price is for one easel by australia post regular parcel service. Multiple easels are a small amount more for the parcel, please ask me for a quote first by ringing 0425734215

Order 20 or more, free delivery for entire order, capital cities and non remote country areas.


Height overall minimum 600mm

Height overall maximum 1920mm

Weight including carry bag 1.3 kg

Maximum weight of board or canvas 10 kilos.

Height of canvas or board, that clamps into the easel, 200 mm to 1400 mm

Dimensions folded 700mm x100mm x60mm

Shelf is 500mm wide 42 mm deep, grooved to hold boards securely in place. Shelf strap removable via a buckle.

Shelf has two sets of mounting points, both fully adjustable and locked in place by two toggle locks

Shelf slotted for boards and locks in canvases up to double thickness.

Shelf clicks in place and remains at right angle to the legs.

Top clamp fits boards up to 40 mm deep and is spring loaded with a positive lock to hold the boards in place.

Feet Plastic 30 mm diameter, fully pivoting. non slip.

Construction is ribbed, powder coated Aluminum.

Legs locked in place by a toggle lock, similar to a light switch.

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