Model ABH1800L - One of my biggest selling easels!

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Made from 42x19mm Victorian Ash, 1.76 metres tall, fully adjustable bottom mount, optional top mount. Used by artists who want a simple relatively lighter but sturdy easel. Also used for displaying photographs, boards and paintings. Many art groups have purchased multiple numbers of these easels , particularly the art groups composed of older members who do not want to move heavy easels around.

This model is available as student,(ABHLS1800) in dressed wood(edge sanded only to remove splinters and sharpness) Un oiled,(ABHLR1800) but sanded ready for the customer to oil (easy and instructions provided) or paint. All Photos are of the ABH1800 which is sanded and oiled. The knobs are all Victorian River Red Gum, a very hard timber that virtually has no grain so it does not split. The knobs are 27mm cubes with a metal insert, very easy to grip and turn.

Also available in Red hardwoods, Spotted Gum or stained to a colour of your choice. You can also order this model painted in various colours.


ABHL1800 no top mount

With top mount. Easel on right is stained "Walnut"


Rear hinges is bolted, spring loaded, high friction, with positive detent. Door hinges are no good for easels.

ABHL1600 on left ABHL1800 on right


Video of ABHL1800 with tray and top mount

Bottom mount is 65 mm front to back, knobs are cubes of River Red Gum and very easy to grip. Knob provides lip of 6mm at front.

Rear view of mount showing vice grip onto easel. Very strong. If you look closely you will see the bolt heads are screwed so they cannot rotate.


Rear view of top mount, a better look at how the bolt heads are screwed down.

Top mount has underside beveled for better grip. top mount also reverses, handy if the knobs are creating shadows.


This easel can be supplied either partially assembled or fully assembled, with glued joints. Partially assembled easels save on freight, but it is not a lot more cost to send them fully assembled. If you are assembling the easel it is easy, all you need is a screwdriver and glue, Aquadhere, Exterior Grade "Tradesman's Choice" glue, not ordinary PVA glue. For assembly all joints are outlined and numbered, it is easy but for long term stability the joints must be glued. You will then have an easel for life.

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