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AZ model easels are cheap to post individually as they fit a package accepted by Australia Post. They have divided sides that fold down for freight. When assembled they perform the same as AB model A frames which have one piece sides. If you are interstate ordering multiple easels you should order AB model as each easel has 9 less screws to attach. In Melbourne order AB Model. Interstate for one or 2 easels, order AZ model as you will save a packet on freight.

A Frame Easel. This is a standard AZH1900 in oiled Victorian Ash.

This is in raw (not oiled) red hardwood - Australian Forest red or Karri.

Easel - Raw Victorian ash with tray

  Oiled Victorian Ash and tray. The colour of Vic. Ash does vary quite a lot in batches depending on the source of the wood.

Standard AZH1900 with tray on right and a special AZH2150 (2150 being the height in Millimetres) on the left

AZHL 1900 on left (frame is 42mm x 19mm) AZh2150 and AZH1900 with tray all in Vic. Ash

A Frame Studio Easel - Model AZH1900

AZHL1900 - the L in the model number denotes 42X19 mm frame compared to the 65X19mm of the standard easel.

AZK1900 made from oiled Karri

AZK1900 - this time it is forest red.

This is a historical photo as I made this rear leg design for the first 50 or so of this model.

AZO1900 made from oiled recycled Oregon

This is a AZOR1900 or recycled oregon with tray, legs are 42x35 mm

Meredith is my spouse, standing here with a AZOR recycled Oregon but not oiled with the early rear leg design.

AZO recycled oregon - oiled

I had to include the three photos on this bottom line, they are model AE model easels, a model I no longer make. It was the forerunner to the AZ

This one in Victorian Ash with a very dark tray,. The Ragdoll kitten is "Ruby"


The AE fitted in a short parcel but it was too long for Australia post when they started enforcing parcel lengths.

This is Jarrah. The long cross over sides made for a good stable easel but inhibited the travel of the tray or bottom mount.

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