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This is an imported Chinese product. It is well made and well finished. Ideal for light duty applications where the easel is not moved a lot. Paint finish is a satin white with brass look fittings. Robustness and durability wise it is not up to what I make but for one off uses or a permanent, out of the way display it is a good product. It has a fully adjustable bottom shelf and a fully adjustable top clamp. This is an easy to use easel. the knobs are large and easy to grip, the top clamp and shelf have full adjustment and can meet each other anywhere on the centre shaft. This is a painted wooden easel.

Front View.

Rear View

With 510mm x 510mm canvas



$125 inc GST

Delivery - Ready To Assemble. Kit includes a screwdriver. Time to assemble 20 to 30 minutes plus. I can also do the assembly, see below.

I can send up to 2 easels for the prices below. For more easels please ask

Melbourne Metro -$20, - Victorian country $30.

Sydney $25 - NSW Country up to $110 depending on Post code.

Adelaide $25 - S. A. country up to $120 depending on Post code

ACT - $35

Brisbane/Gold Coast/ parts of Sunshine Coast $35 - Queensland country up to $140 depending on Post Code.

Perth - $45 - W.A. country up to $140 depending on post code.

Tasmania - $45

Fully assembled easels. Assembly is $25 plus delivery is $35 to $40 more per parcel due to increased volume. When I assemble I also glue the joints.


Height overall 1.7 metres

Maximum weight of painting or board - 10 kilograms

Shelf Depth front to back 40mm

Distance between shelf and top clamp - 1240mm

Minimum height of shelf off floor. - 350mm

width of legs at front - 600mm

Frame dimension - 42x19mm

Weight - 3.6 kilograms

Knobs are plastic , with a brass coloured thread. The wood appears to be similar to European Beech. Screws are brass coloured. Each easel comes with a screwdriver for assembly.

Home - Display Easels - A frame Easels - Wrought Iron Display Easels

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